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Ticket Alert: Dine like a Peer in the House of Lords

For a few days, there will be a chance to have a meal in the House of Lords, in the Peers’ Dining Room.

Ticket Alert – The Dunmow Flitch of Bacon Trials

Since at least the 12th century, every few years, a number of married couples are tried by jury to prove that they are happily married. And the trials are open the public to attend.

Ticket Alert: The Oxford & Cambridge Goat Race

Fast becoming an institution in its own right, the annual Oxford & Cambridge Goat Race takes place on the same day as its more famous aquarian cousin on the Thames, and unsurprisingly, involves goats, racing.

Ticket Alert: The annual Miglia Quadrato

On a certain May night, the City of London witnesses a most curious sight — the annual Miglia Quadrato taking place once more.

Ticket Alert – The 2016 Tweed Run

Fancy a charming jaunt around the sights of London in a decorous style becoming of the Edwardian upper middle classes?

Ticket Alert – Ig Nobel Award Tour

One of the key highlights of the annual science entertainment calendar is making a return to Imperial College in March, with an evening comprising of an oddly eclectic mix of science, bad poetry (Really. Bad. Poetry) and a small girl walking up to people and saying “Please Stop, I’m Bored”.

Ticket Alert – Buzz Aldrin in Conversation with Brian Cox

A chance to hear from the second man to step foot on the moon, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who will be at the Science Museum later this month.

Ticket Alert – Bach Passion at St Paul’s Cathedral

Bach’s intense masterpiece narrating the events leading to the Crucifixion takes place at 6.30pm Wednesday 16 March.