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Ticket Alert: Tours of the Shakespeare archeology site

Take a tour of the Curtain Theatre dig with archaeologists from MOLA who are currently excavating the 16th and 17th century Shakespearean playhouse’s remains.

Ticket Alert: Tours of Croydon’s Tram Depot

Croydon Heritage Festival is offering the opportunity to peak behind the scenes and visit the tram maintenance, servicing and control facility,

Ticket Alert: Spencer House Gardens Open Days

For the first time in over 5 years, and for just two days, the restored gardens of Spencer House in central London will be open to the public.

Chance to test Greenwich’s driverless cars

A flurry of publicity earlier this year announced plans to test driverless cars in Greenwich this summer, and now you can register to be a tester.

Ticket Alert: Architecture exhibition at Millennium Mills

The University of East London is having a one-night only architecture display, and it's at the iconic Millennium Mills building.

Ticket Alert: Alchemy and Magic at Brompton Cemetery

The Chapel in Brompton Cemetery is once again hosting a series of talks, this year on the topic of alchemy and magic in London.

Ticket Alert: Free visits to a disused tube station

As mentioned a few weeks ago, there is to be a one-night art event in Central London, and tickets are now about to go on sale.

Ticket Alert: London Gin Festival

An annual gin festival returns to Tobacco Dock later this year, and early-bird tickets are now on sale.

Ticket Alert: The Chap Olympiad 2016

Gin, Umbrella Jousting, Gin, Three-Trousered Limbo, Gin, Moustache Wrestling, Gin, Quill Throwing, Gin and Bounders.

Ticket Alert: An audience with Britain’s first astronaut

Later this month marks the 25th anniversary of the UK's first female astronaut blasting into space, and she will be at the Science Museum for a talk/question session.