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Tickets Alert: Silent era railway films with live musical accompaniment

Fancy watching a load of old railway films, accompanies by the music of a classic Wurlitzer organ blasting out some live music?

Tickets Alert: Food festival inside the Tower of London moat

For a few days, there will be a food festival and it'll be inside the Tower of London's moat.

Tickets Alert: Monty Python season coming to the BFI Southbank

Celebrate half a century of absurdity, songs, jokes and genius, from Britain’s best-loved comedic sextet.

Tickets Alert: The Dark Crystal exhibition

There's an exhibition for a couple of weeks at the BFI Southbank all about the new Dark Crystal prequel TV series.

Tickets Alert: Peppa Pig and Blade Runner in a vintage cinema

Yes, it's that famous film or TV series, but what makes this screening notable is the location. Will you take a look at that.

Tickets Alert: Tours of the BT heritage & archive centre

Normally only open to researchers, for one day in September, British Telecom's archives will be open to the public.

Tickets Alert: The Third Man 70th anniversary screening

On the 70th anniversary of the very day that The Third Man was released in cinemas, there will be a very special screening in central London.

Tickets Alert: Guided Tours of Lambeth Palace Library

Next month, there's a rare chance to see see behind the scenes at Lambeth Palace Library.

Tickets Alert: The Wrath of Khan – with William Shatner Q&A

The man himself will be in London for a Q&A session after a screening of that most iconic of Star Trek movies, The Wrath of Khan.

Tickets Alert: Evening openings at St Paul’s Cathedral

Over four nights in August, it will be possible to go into the mighty stone edifice and see it in the twilight hours.

Tickets Alert: Evening history talks inside Tower Bridge

To celebrate 125 years of Tower Bridge, it will be hosting a series of one-off talks inside the the South Tower.

Tickets Alert: The XKCD author is visiting London

If you're the sort of person who reads this blog, then the thought of the XKCD author, Randall Munroe coming to London probably made you let out a little squeak of excitement.

Tickets Alert: Manga on the Big Screen

This summer, there will be a season of Manga films shown on the Barbican's big screens.

Tickets Alert: City of London Police open day

It's a middle-of-the-week event, but there's a chance to visit the headquarters of the City of London police next month.

Tickets Alert: A virtual flight though the history of flight

In 1919 two small aircraft firms were set up in the UK and through many mergers became British Airways, which is now marking its centenary with a vision of flight in another century hence.