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Tickets Alert: Monty Python at Museum of the Order of St John

Fancy watching daring deeds of times long past in a museum devoted to the history of daring deeds of times long past?

Tickets Alert: Visit a Victorian Gaol

It's outside London, but close enough, and there is a chance to go inside a Victorian era jail, and come out again.

Tickets Alert: Three foreign embassies offering free tours

Next month three grand Embassy buildings in London will be opening their doors for rare public tours.

Tickets Alert: An evening with Professor Stephen Hawking

There will be a rare chance to attend a talk by Professor Stephen Hawking, and the talk will be free to attend.

A Month of Death, Decay, Zombies and Skeletons

As the evenings draw in ever earlier, October is the month of the dead in London, with tours and tales of spooky goings on in the streets and graveyards of old London towne.

Go swimming in the Serpentine

Next month there is to be a mass swimming event in the open chilly waters of the Serpentine lake in Hyde Park.

Tickets Alert: A film about the Crystal Palace subway

Hidden under the main road outside the Crystal Palace is a marvel of Victorian engineering, and now a film has been made about the people who have used it.

Ticket Alert: St Paul’s Cathedral offering Triforium Tours

Normally only accessible to private groups, St Paul's Cathedral is letting people book a Triforium Tour of the behind the scenes part of the building.

New tube map released — and tube art tours announced

A new tube map has been released showing of the London Underground's art installations, and this coming Sunday, there is a chance to tour of some of those artworks.

Ticket Alert: Steam trains to return to the London Underground

A weekend in September will see steam trains return to the Metropolitan line as part of Amersham's heritage weekend.

Ticket Alert: Routemaster Tours of Croydon

Jonathan Meades once described Croydon as London's filing cabinet, and later this month there will be a chance to take a look around the cupboards.

Ticket Alert: Chance to visit a historic railway signal box

On the eve of its demolition, there will be a chance to visit a historic railway signal box to have a look inside.

Ticket Alert: Go inside two unique Georgian houses

Two of London's most magical old buildings, Dennis Severs' House and 19 Princelet Street are having a short run of joint openings.

Ticket Alert: Tours of Canada House

The Canadian High Commission occupies a newly-renovated grand building overlooking Trafalgar Square, and is not generally open to the public to wander in.

Ticket Alert: Date announced for a rare tour of a WW2 Bunker

Deep under a housing estate in North London lies one of World War Two’s greatest secrets, the reserve Cabinet War Rooms that lay hidden and waiting just in case the (now) more famous Westminster bunkers were attacked.