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Ticket Alert: Go inside two unique Georgian houses

Two of London's most magical old buildings, Dennis Severs' House and 19 Princelet Street are having a short run of joint openings.

Ticket Alert: Tours of Canada House

The Canadian High Commission occupies a newly-renovated grand building overlooking Trafalgar Square, and is not generally open to the public to wander in.

Ticket Alert: Date announced for a rare tour of a WW2 Bunker

Deep under a housing estate in North London lies one of World War Two’s greatest secrets, the reserve Cabinet War Rooms that lay hidden and waiting just in case the (now) more famous Westminster bunkers were attacked.

Ticket Alert: The London Clown Festival

Roughly 200 years ago, the modern idea of the circus clown was born - and now London is to host its first ever Clown Festival.

Ticket Alert: Tours of the Shakespeare archeology site

Take a tour of the Curtain Theatre dig with archaeologists from MOLA who are currently excavating the 16th and 17th century Shakespearean playhouse’s remains.

Ticket Alert: Tours of Croydon’s Tram Depot

Croydon Heritage Festival is offering the opportunity to peak behind the scenes and visit the tram maintenance, servicing and control facility,

Ticket Alert: Spencer House Gardens Open Days

For the first time in over 5 years, and for just two days, the restored gardens of Spencer House in central London will be open to the public.

Chance to test Greenwich’s driverless cars

A flurry of publicity earlier this year announced plans to test driverless cars in Greenwich this summer, and now you can register to be a tester.

Ticket Alert: Architecture exhibition at Millennium Mills

The University of East London is having a one-night only architecture display, and it's at the iconic Millennium Mills building.

Ticket Alert: Alchemy and Magic at Brompton Cemetery

The Chapel in Brompton Cemetery is once again hosting a series of talks, this year on the topic of alchemy and magic in London.

Ticket Alert: Free visits to a disused tube station

As mentioned a few weeks ago, there is to be a one-night art event in Central London, and tickets are now about to go on sale.

Ticket Alert: London Gin Festival

An annual gin festival returns to Tobacco Dock later this year, and early-bird tickets are now on sale.

Ticket Alert: The Chap Olympiad 2016

Gin, Umbrella Jousting, Gin, Three-Trousered Limbo, Gin, Moustache Wrestling, Gin, Quill Throwing, Gin and Bounders.

Ticket Alert: An audience with Britain’s first astronaut

Later this month marks the 25th anniversary of the UK's first female astronaut blasting into space, and she will be at the Science Museum for a talk/question session.

Ticket Alert – Fawley Hill vintage steam festival

Every couple of years, the McAlpine's open up their back garden to the general public, and many come, because in that back garden is a fully working steam railway.