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Tickets Alert: Akira

For one week, the ICA in central London is running screenings of the cult classic cyberpunk animation, Akira.

Tickets Alert: Trooping the Colour and the Garter Ceremony 2020

Each year, two major royal ceremonies take place, and you can request tickets to attend them.

Tickets Alert: Behind the scenes tours of building sites

If you’re a person who might be interested in a career in the construction industry, there’s a chance for a behind-the-scenes views of building sites across the country.

Half price entry to Hampton Court Palace

For the next few weeks, there's a half-price entry deal to visit Hampton Court Palace.

Ticket Alert: Tours of Canada House

The Canadian High Commission occupies a grand building overlooking Trafalgar Square, and is not generally open to the public to wander in. However, they do offer occasional Friday afternoon tours.

Tickets Alert: Sir David Attenborough at the Royal Albert Hall

The man himself will be commandeering the Royal Albert Hall next April for an evening of his newest film, A Life On Our Planet.

Tickets Alert: The Oxford & Cambridge Goat Race

Tickets have gone on sale unusually early for this now annual tradition of racing a pair of goats on the same day as a less interesting boat race on the Thames.

Tickets Alert: Winter fair inside Parliament

There will be a winter fair inside the Houses of Parliament next week, with the Houses of Commons and Lords also open to visit.

Tickets Alert: Photography at Sir John Soane’s Museum

The old house packed full of curiosities is one of those museums that normally bans photography - but not in the evenings.

Dine like an MP in the Houses of Parliament

As the MPs are away, Parliament is letting the mere electorate in to have lunch or dinner in the Members' Dinning Room.

Tickets Alert: Tours of the hidden parts of Moorgate tube station

More tours of hidden parts of the London Underground have been announced for next year, and they're adding Morgate to the list of venues.

Tickets Alert: The Messiah in St Paul’s Cathedral

An annual tradition is being continued this Christmas, with a powerful performance of Handel’s Messiah in St Paul’s Cathedral.

Tickets Alert: The Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London

Want to spend an evening inside the Tower of London watching an ancient ceremony?

Tickets Alert: Go on board a tall sailing ship

Short notice - sorry - but this weekend, a record breaking tall sailing ship is visiting London, and you can go on board for a look around.

Tickets Alert: Opportunity to photograph inside Westminster Abbey

For the first time ever, Westminster Abbey is allowing photography within its building by members of the public.