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70th anniversary of an aircraft factory hidden in a tube tunnel

After 16 months of preparation during the height of the blitz, a secret aircraft components factory was completed deep underground in North London in what were unfinished tunnels for the Central Line extension. The factory was completed in March 1942,

Looking down a Victorian pumping shaft in Docklands

A small octagonal brick building in docklands conceals a marvellous secret – an 18 metre deep Victorian shaft that is used to pump out water that leaks into the Connaught railway tunnel that runs under the docks. If you are

Photos from inside the Crossrail Station at Canary Wharf

It may not look it from the outside, but an important part of Crossrail’s Canary Wharf station has already been completed – and five months ahead of schedule. In fact it doesn’t really look completed when you have a look

Emergency services to simulate a terrorist attack on the tube network

Whenever the debate about why various disused tube stations — specifically Aldwych — can’t be opened to the public more often, it is usually pointed out that the best of them — specifically Aldwych — are still in use for

Green Park tube station to get groundwater cooling system

I thought work on this had been paused as part of the Great Olympic Engineering Shutdown, but a note from TfL earlier today says that a rather interesting air cooling system will be introduced at Green Park station this summer.

Photos inside a future Crossrail Tunnel

Last April I had a chance to walk through the length of the Connaught Tunnel, a disused railway tunnel in Docklands that will be refurbished for Crossrail. Today I went back for another look, although due to the now ongoing

The hidden wonders behind closed doors and under streets

A lot of people have a fascination with the disused London Underground, London’s sewers or “secret” military bunkers, and I count myself amongst them, to the point of being a bit of a geek in my degree of interest. However,

Steam train passing through East London on Saturday

Steam trains in North and South West London while not commonplace, aren’t rare – but a steam train in East London is exceptionally so, and tomorrow (Sat 10th Dec) is a chance for people in this side of the city

Photos – underground brick vaults by the Mall

The Mall Galleries, housed within the Grade I listed Carlton House Terrace on The Mall, is to have its previously unseen brick vaults restored, thanks to a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Obviously, unrestored brick vaults are like catnip

Guide book to disused underground tube and train stations

A pocket book — that actually fits in a pocket — has been launched by regular transport publishers, Capital History and aims to offer a selection of guided walks around London looking for the surface signs of disused railways below