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The world’s second oldest underground railway?

London Underground is famously the world’s oldest underground railway – but which one came second? Well, that accolade goes to the Tünel, in Turkey’s Istanbul. It is also arguably the world’s shortest underground railway, being just 571 meters in length

Amsterdam Subway Done With Mirrors

Was checking for business news video clips for my day job and came across this clip from the Associated Press about how mirrors are being used to monitor building movements when tunneling under Amsterdam. Thought it was mildly interesting –

Happy Birthday to the City & South London Railway

Tomorrow (18th Dec) will be the birthday of the first commercially successful deep level electric railway – the City & South London Railway (C&SLR), which ran from Stockwell in South London to the City at King William Street via a

Sleeping with the ghosts under London Bridge

Earlier this week, I was invited to spend the night sleeping in the undercroft under the old London Bridge. The site itself is being cleared out and made good for a new theme exhibition and had been popping up in

Goodbye Kings Cross Thameslink…

...hello to the new St Pancras International replacement.

How the Bakerloo Line created a Water Jet in the Thames

I am carrying on my periodic researches into the Whitehall and Waterloo railway – and thanks to an odd letter of reply in a Minutes of the Proceedings of the Institute of Civil Engineering – published in 1902, commenting on

Pedestrianising Oxford Street

I was doing a bit more research into the pneumatic railway that I have working on for a while, and came across this totally unrelated image, but it got me thinking. This is of a pneumatic railway concept which would

Waterloo and Whitehall Pneumatic Railway

A bit of an update in my researches into this rather odd nuget of railway history. I am building up quite a good picture now of what happened and am picking up snippets of information from a wide range of

Waterloo & Whitehall Pneumatic railway

I was at an auction house earlier today inspecting a lot which is going up for sale tomorrow. The lot is one of the unused share certificates for the Waterloo & Whitehall railway. Not possible to see if it was

The Waterloo and Whitehall Pneumatic Railway

You may have read about “secret tunnels” under Whitehall, and indeed there are some – but here is a tale of one that is not exactly a secret – more just forgotten. The Waterloo and Whitehall Pneumatic Railway was a

Going Underneath the Albert Memorial

This morning I had the pleasure of visiting a structure that most people don’t even know exists – despite part of it being quite famous. The bit most people will have seen, is the famous Albert Memorial in London’s Hyde