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Disused tube station to open to the public for tours

Prepare to squeal in delight as the Transport Museum delivers an early Christmas present in the form of tours of a disused tube station. Of the closed tube stations that litter the London Underground, two top the list of stations

Tickets for the Underground’s 150th anniversary steam trips

Last year, I wrote that London Underground were planning to run a steam train along the underground network as part of its 150th anniversary. Turns out I was right about the plans, if not entirely correct about the route. Well,

How the first Underground Railway might have run under the West End of London

In 1855, a plan was submitted to Parliament for what could have been the first Underground railway under London – with a route that would have pre-dated the eventual Central and Picadilly Lines by some 50 years. The London Railway

More from the WW2 bunker under a North London housing estate

If you were one of the lucky few hundred people to get tours of the WW2 bunker underneath a housing estate in Dollis Hill on Open House Weekend, then you saw everything that is safe to show on tours, but

Photos from the Crossrail station construction site at Woolwich

While most of the focus on Crossrail is north of the river, the railway will have an important spur down towards South-East London, and this weekend was a chance to see the station box being built at Woolwich. The original

A look at some deep Crossrail tunnel shafts

A short walk from Canning Town tube and DLR station two vast holes have been dug into the ground by Crossrail, and in the not too distant future, one is to be filled back in again. These are access shafts

Photos from inside the abandoned Kingsway Tram Tunnels

An abandoned tunnel under Holborn that has been closed for 60 years is to come back to life over the next couple of years as it is to be taken over by Crossrail as a suitable location for some of their hidden enabling works.

Photos – The railway tunnels underneath Smithfield Meat Market

People using Farringdon tube and Thameslink stations will not be unaware that a considerable amount of construction work has been taking place over the past few years, and may know that a lot of work is going to carry on

Some photos of the Crossrail construction site at Tottenham Court Road

One of the larger and most visible construction sites for Crossrail has to be the massive site on the corner of Oxford Street and TCR – in what was always a ridiculously congested space for pedestrians. The site is split

More photos from inside the Connaught Tunnel

Last week I had a chance to go back into the Connaught Tunnel – the Victorian railway tunnel that runs underneath two of London’s docks and will be part of the future Crossrail service. As you may recall from my