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Happy Birthday to the City & South London Railway

Tomorrow (18th Dec) will be the birthday of the first commercially successful deep level electric railway – the City & South London Railway (C&SLR), which ran from Stockwell in South London to the City at King William Street via a

Sleeping with the ghosts under London Bridge

Earlier this week, I was invited to spend the night sleeping in the undercroft under the old London Bridge. The site itself is being cleared out and made good for a new theme exhibition and had been popping up in

Goodbye Kings Cross Thameslink…

…hello to the new St Pancras International replacement.

How the Bakerloo Line created a Water Jet in the Thames

I am carrying on my periodic researches into the Whitehall and Waterloo railway – and thanks to an odd letter of reply in a Minutes of the Proceedings of the Institute of Civil Engineering – published in 1902, commenting on

Pedestrianising Oxford Street

I was doing a bit more research into the pneumatic railway that I have working on for a while, and came across this totally unrelated image, but it got me thinking. This is of a pneumatic railway concept which would

Waterloo and Whitehall Pneumatic Railway

A bit of an update in my researches into this rather odd nuget of railway history. I am building up quite a good picture now of what happened and am picking up snippets of information from a wide range of

Waterloo & Whitehall Pneumatic railway

I was at an auction house earlier today inspecting a lot which is going up for sale tomorrow. The lot is one of the unused share certificates for the Waterloo & Whitehall railway. Not possible to see if it was

The Waterloo and Whitehall Pneumatic Railway

You may have read about “secret tunnels” under Whitehall, and indeed there are some – but here is a tale of one that is not exactly a secret – more just forgotten. The Waterloo and Whitehall Pneumatic Railway was a

Going Underneath the Albert Memorial

This morning I had the pleasure of visiting a structure that most people don’t even know exists – despite part of it being quite famous. The bit most people will have seen, is the famous Albert Memorial in London’s Hyde