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London Underground’s transparent escalator

Of the many oddities that can be found on the London Underground, one of the more curious has to be the see-through escalator.

The remains of a strange tunnel near the Embankment

If you wander around the back streets of the posher bits of grand buildings along the Embankment, you might spy an old looking tunnel entrance under some buildings.

Unbuilt London: A roller-coaster monorail under the streets of London

A little over 100 years ago a radical new form of underground railway was proposed -- a monorail of most unusual design, but one that would be designed like an underground roller coaster with sharp declines and ascents between stations.

100th Anniversary of the Bakerloo Line Extension

One hundred years ago today, the process of linking up the tube railway with the city's main termini was completed with the extension of the Bakerloo Line to Paddington Station.

Photos – inside the Crossrail station at Canary Wharf

A third visit to the Crossrail Station at Canary Wharf to see what has changed since the last time I was there. The main difference is that the above ground shopping centre is now progressing, and the visually distinctive roof garden is now getting the larch-wood structure applied.

Homes to be warmed by heat from tube tunnels

London Underground is to start an experiment to use the heat in the Northern Line tube tunnels to warm up homes on the surface.

A short video – Engineering the London Underground

If you watched, and enjoyed a BBC television series The Seven Industrial Wonders of the World, then one was curiously missing -- the London Underground.

Crossrail breaks into huge cavern under Stepney

Another in the long sequence of milestones for Crossrail was achieved today as one of its Tunnel Boring Machines broke through the side wall and entered the huge cavern dug underneath Stepney.

The first terrorist attack on the London Underground

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the London Underground, but it also marks another rather darker anniversary -- today is 130 years since the first terrorist attack on the London Underground.

No Northern or Bakerloo line trains at Embankment next year

London Underground has announced that Northern Line and Bakerloo Line trains wont be stopping at Embankment Station for most of next year (2014) due to a major overhaul of the escalators.

The abandoned Post Office Railway to be opened to the public

As I am sure you are all aware, the Post Office has its own private railway that runs under London and it lies abandoned and empty. However, it's ghostly slumbers may be about to be disturbed.

3D Model of Bank tube station and the 2020 Upgrade plans

If you head into a certain Church in the City, you can see catnip for any tube fan -- a 3D model of the future Bank/Monument tube station as it will be in around 2020.

First Crossrail Tunnel completed

The first large scale redundancy on the Crossrail project has taken place -- as the first of their mighty tunnel boring machines has completed its work.

A look at Tottenham Court Road tube station upgrade works

Anyone passing near CenterPoint tower over the past few years cannot help to have noticed the huge construction site on the corner for the future Crossrail station.

Exhibition about the Bank tube station upgrade

Just a notice that there will be a public exhibition next week showing off the latest plans to upgrade the overcrowded Bank tube station.