Subterranean Stuff

Rare chance to ride a vintage tube train around the Kennington Loop

A rare chance for tube-geeks to ride on a bit of the network that is not normally open to the public — and to do so in a vintage tube train no less.

A look at the Crossrail tunnels under Oxford Street

As anyone who has used the area over the past few years will have known, much of the area around Tottenham Court Road tube station is a huge Crossrail construction site.

A few Crossrail construction site photos

Just a few photos taken the other day when out rambling last week.

Thoughts about the Acid on the Jubilee Line

Part of the Jubilee Line is to be closed between Finchley Road and Waterloo for repairs over the next two years due to acid eating into the tunnel linings.

Planes, Trains and Drains at the Building Centre

A new exhibition about London’s infrastructure opened recently in the Building Centre that shows off the three dominant challenges for the city in the decades ahead.

Roman remains found by new entrance to Bank Tube Station

A huge construction site near Bank Tube station is preparing the way for a new tube station entrance to be built — oh, and a very large office block, oh, and it sits in a major archaeological location.

Blue Plaque Unveiled for Tube Map Pioneer

Earlier today a new blue plaque was unveiled by English Heritage, which has a very specific and rare difference from all the other plaques they have installed on the sides of buildings.

Chance to visit the “Battle of Britain” underground bunker

Once rather difficult to visit, and still only open to pre-arranged tours, a sizeable military bunker deep underground in Uxbridge will be open to visitors every weekend from this week for a trial period of three months.

Photos – Inside the Crossrail station at Bond Street

In order to build a large underground station, Crossrail have taken over two plots of land and are digging down, then sideways to create a warren of tunnels underneath Bond Street. Yesterday was a chance to have a look.

70th Anniversary of the Bethnal Green Disaster

At around half past eight tonight, it will be 70 years since the single largest loss of British civilian life during World War 2 – the Bethnal Green Disaster.

Photos from inside the Woolwich Crossrail Station

A short walk from the mainline and DLR stations in Woolwich, a vast concrete box has been constructed underground — as the future Crossrail station for the area — and on the completion of the box, a short open-day was held to show off the cavernous structure to the public.

The Connaught Tunnel – then and now

In about 4-6 weeks time, one of the more interesting parts of the Crossrail project will make a significant move forward as part of the Royal Docks is drained to reveal the top of a Victorian railway tunnel for the first time in nearly 80 years.

Reserve your places for a rare tour of a WW2 Bunker

While the Cabinet War Rooms in Westminster are very famous, there was a reserve bunker built in North London just in case the Westminster bunker was bombed.

Book tickets to see inside a future Crossrail Station

One of the more locally at least controversial of the Crossrail stations is being built out in Woolwich and they have now finished the main building phase of the station box. So it will be opened up to the public later this month to have a look inside.

Google celebrates the London Underground with a Doodle

Well, it’s arrived at last – the 150th anniversary of the London Underground, or maybe that is tomorrow?

Diverting the Fleet River for the London Underground

Another look back at the construction of the world’s oldest underground passenger railway as seen by the Illustrated London News – this time from February 1862.

Construction of the Metropolitan Railway at King’s Cross

Another look at the construction of the world’s first underground passenger railway as seen by the Illustrated London News – this time from Feb 1861.

London’s Lost Pneumatic Railways – Part 5

Another interesting after-effect of the pneumatic railway was to be felt some 50 years later, during the construction of the Bakerloo Line tube tunnels under the Thames.