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wonderlab-02 Science Museum’s Wonderlab opens to protests about costs

It takes some effort for a science museum to open an exhibition about science and technology that upsets scientists, but London's Science Museum has managed it. Tickets Alert: An evening with Professor Stephen Hawking

There will be a rare chance to attend a talk by Professor Stephen Hawking, and the talk will be free to attend.

IMG_5519 Visiting Michael Faraday’s old laboratory

There is a street with lots of posh buildings, and doormen forbidding entry to the great masses, and an equally grand building with mighty pillars along an imposing facade, which conceals a museum.

3029478027_c267c36e27 Free tours of a Nuclear Fusion Reactor

Did you know that the world's largest nuclear fusion reactor is not far from London - just outside Oxford in fact.

17f6 Tickets for a public lecture by Professor Stephen Hawking

Later this month will be a fairly rare public lecture by Professor Stephen Hawking, at Imperial College London.

IMG_1145 Ada Lovelace gets her own gallery at the Science Museum

To mark the 200th anniversary of her birth, the Science Museum has opened a small gallery devoted the "mother of computing", Ada Lovelace.

IMG_0933 Churchill’s Scientists at the Science Museum

Not literally, as they are all dead now, and that would be rather macabre, but there is an exhibition about what the scientists did when alive.

Tired of London? Maybe it’s time to change postal districts

A BBC commissioned study of 56,000 Londoners claims that a person's life satisfaction depends, at least in part, on whether their personality suits the place where they live.

Science Museum to Open New Communications Gallery

This October, the Science Museum will launch what it says will be the first permanent gallery in the UK dedicated to the history of information and communication technologies.

Drink a Pint of Science

What started in 2012 as an interesting idea is back again this year as they were right about it being interesting, and popular.

Aerial-view-of-Diamond-synchrotron More science places having open days

After mentioning the Fusion reactor visit the other day, two more science venues are also updating their open day events.

Dates announced for tours of a Nuclear Fusion Reactor

Did you know that the world’s largest nuclear fusion reactor is not far from London – just outside Oxford in fact.

Grab some free tickets to the Ig Nobel show

One of the highlights of the annual science entertainment calendar is making a return in March, with an evening comprising of an oddly eclectic mix of science, bad poetry, and a small girl walking up to people and saying “Please Stop, I’m Bored”.

Cmdr Hadfield visits London’s Science Museum

If you're a guitar playing, book plugging astronaut, then one of the best places in London other than a bookshop to sell books is probably the Science Museum.

The space station will fly over London tomorrow morning

Look up! The International Space Station will make one of its occasional passes right over London tomorrow morning and if you know what to look for, you can watch it pass overhead.

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