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The Science Museum is to become a Covid vacination centre

The Science Museum in South Kensington is being drafted in to support science’s fight against the Covid virus, as it’s to become a mass vaccination hub for the local area.

A celestial conjunction for Christmas

Later this month a rare event will occur in the heavens, as Jupiter and Saturn appear closer together in the skies than they have for nearly 400 years.

See “Father Christmas” fly over London on Christmas eve

OK, it’s actually the International Space Station, but if you are dragged awake at an ungodly hour by the kids, then why not go out and watch “santa” rehearsing his present delivery run?

The UK’s largest optical telescope – is in London

An observatory operated by UCL in North London has acquired a new telescope, which happens to be the largest of its kind in the UK.

See a Mercury mission spacecraft in the Science Museum

Sitting near the back of the Science Museum is a full-size model of a spacecraft that’s currently on a journey to Mercury.

Hampstead Observatory to reopen

Having been closed for several years for repairs, the telescopes at Hampstead Observatory will once again be open for people to peer at the stars.

Tickets Alert: Tours of a particle accelerator

A short trip outside London is a huge silver UFO shaped building, and in August will be a chance to go inside to see the particle accelerator it houses.

Tickets Alert: A week of science in pubs is back

The annual Pint of Science festival is back once more, putting lots of science inside pubs and letting people learn over a pint. The event, now in its sixth year takes place in the second half of May. Tickets cost

The International Space Station will fly over London this weekend

The International Space Station will make a number of its occasional passes right over London this weekend and if you know what to look for, you can watch it pass overhead.

Stephen Hawking’s wheelchair is up for sale

What do you do when a famous wheelchair is now sadly no longer occupied — put it up for sale to raise money for charity.

Sir Quentin Blake draws scientists for the Science Museum

A large room at the top of the Science Museum, normally filled with schoolchildren has also gained a huge new mural by the illustrator, Sir Quentin Blake.

Play with the Science Museum’s new random science image generator

The Science Museum has added a little playful twist to their image archive with a random image generator.

London to get a new Science Gallery this September

A new science and art venue is opening later this year at London Bridge that aims to make scientific research accessible to visitor through installations and a programme of exhibitions and events.

Planet Mercury space probe comes to London

The Science Museum has shown off a full-size engineering model of BepiColombo, the European Space Agency’s first ever spacecraft to explore Mercury, and one of the most challenging planetary missions ever launched.

Tickets Alert: Visit the UK’s largest particle accelerator

In the countryside not far from Didcot can be a found a stunning flying saucer of a building, which also happens to house the UK’s national synchrotron, and there’s a chance to go inside for a look.

Fancy nearly 100 pints of science?

The now annual festival of science talks that take place in pubs across the country is back next month, and the line up of talks has been announced.

Science as art at the Wellcome Collection

Is it science, art, or maybe both. An art exhibition seeks to explore the connection that sees science turned into art, with rather variable end results.

England’s 17th century attempt to reach the moon

It was a time of the death of kings, and a 17th century Englishman proposed a space programme with the ambition of reaching the moon.