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Those odd looking security barriers

You’ve probably seen these dotted around a few places, what looks like some sort of security barrier, but wondered how such an odd thing could work.

Pedestrianising Shoreditch’s Arnold Circus

A much loved local landmark that’s also in the middle of a roundabout could see cars banned under plans by the local council.

Using the London Underground to improve broadband speeds

A plan to line tube tunnels with fibre optic cables to improve London’s internet connectivity has taken a step forward.

The Two Ronnies on a tube train

Imagine an entire conversation made up from London railway station names — that’s what the Two Ronnies did on 23rd January 1982.

Shoreditch’s Star Wars Stormtrooper Sale

For one week, there’s a chance for Star Wars fans to buy Stormtrooper based goodies, designed by the prop-maker who created the original  Stormtrooper for the first Star Wars Movie in 1976.

Beatles themed manhole cover for Abbey Road

To mark the 50th anniversary of that famous record cover, a manhole cover next to the zebra crossing has been revamped with an image of the event.

TfL supports Paddle boarding

A small business that rents space from Transport for London in one of their arches has won a small business award.

Freemen take sheep across London Bridge

A slightly damp Sunday saw some 600 Freemen (and ladies) exercise their ancient right to take sheep across London Bridge.

Experimental hydrogen powered boat visiting London

This coming Thursday evening (3rd Oct) will be a chance to see an experimental boat passing under Tower Bridge.

Harry Potter and his adventures on the London Underground

A scene that was never shown in the first film, has Harry Potter and the giant Hagrid getting onto a Central line tube train.

Olympic Park’s Orbital legacy foundering

The twisted red mass of tubes next to the Olympic Stadium that was supposed to be a local landmark is proving to be more of a millstone for the Queen Elizabeth Park.

Sheep and cattle grazing in Green Park this week

It’s “Green Park Grazing Week” this week, which means sheep and cattle will be roaming around the Royal Park munching away to keep the grasses low.

Rare watch goes on display in the Science Museum

An intricate British-made watch which sold in 2017 for £3.2 million has gone on display in the Science Museum for the next few years.

Great Pelicans have doubled in numbers in St James’s Park

Great White Pelicans are huge birds that you really don’t want to get too close to, and their numbers have recently doubled in St James’s Park.

There’s a barbecuing “steam train” in Moorgate at the moment

If you head over to Finsbury Square at the moment, you’ll see a very odd sight – of a black steam train surrounded by seating.

Holy mini glowing tube roundels Batman!

Following the success of the large glowing tube roundels sold by the London Transport Museum, they’ve launched a smaller version as well.

Red Arrows to fly over London for Pride

Look to the skies this Saturday (6th July) at the Red Arrows will fly over central London.

Moquette socks are back in stock

Following the “sold out in one day” success of the District line moquette socks, the Transport Museum has more socks in stock.