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An Unfortunate Reaction to Last Nights Football

It has come to my attention, but means of glancing surreptitiously at the Penny Dreadfulls that the working class are wont to browse through, that there was a sporting event of some significance yesterday evening. More pertinently, that said event

Fantasy Architecture – A viewing tower for Crystal Palace

There has been a bit of a flurry recently with high towers and viewing platforms in London. There was announcement of a tower at the Olympic Park, which courted some controversy over its design. Last week was the decision to

London entries in the National Lottery Awards

An email from the Historic Dockyard in Chatham begging for votes for an upcoming awards ceremony had me checking to see who else is in the running in the London area. In addition to a bauble, there is a £2,000

Interesting cloud formation over London

A glance outside this morning and I saw this: Googling around suggests this is an Altocumulus cloud formation. One form of altocumulus, altocumulus lenticularis (Lenticular cloud) is frequently reported as a UFO!

I’m closing my account with you

Yesterday, I closed my account on Facebook. Not a reaction to the mass panic about privacy issues, although I was troubled by some of the aspects there, but simply because I don’t actually use the service any more. It never

Cruise Liners Visiting London in 2010

Each summer, a series of luxury liners visit London, and while the city doesn’t have a formal cruise liner port, there are three suitable mooring points where the liners can berth for a few days. As the ones heading into

It’s too hot

It’s too hot – could really do with a few clouds to cut down the sun a bit Ugh, it’s so muggy and humid since it clouded over – could really do with a quick shower to clear the air.

The Mail Server has Crashed

If you have subscribed to my weekly newsletter of events in the London area and was bemused by its absence – the box of electronics that sends it out to you has crashed. More specifically, for some reason yesterday afternoon

River Thames to be Checked for Unexploded Bombs

An advisory notice has been issued by the Port of London authority that they will be carrying out a survey of the river next week – looking for unexploded bombs! I’m sure it is just a routine event and left-over

Spending a penny

In 1851, George Jennings set up what were called “Monkey Closets” in the Retiring Rooms of The Crystal Palace Exhibition in Hyde Park. These caused great excitement as they were the first public toilets and during the exhibition 827,280 visitors