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Exploring Beckton

Yesterday I went to Beckton – not this time for a photo session and general nosy at the industrial stuff – but for honest to goodness shopping. I am currently clearing out unwanted Dr Who video tapes on eBay and

An Archbishop of Canterbury Tale

This came across my desk this morning and is a spoof of Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales taking into account the recent media fuss over Sharia law in the UK. Heere Bigynneth the Tale of the Asse-Hatte It made me

London Eye – No Longer the Biggest

The London Eye, which is a significant feature of the skyline from my living room is about to lose its title as the world’s largest observation wheel. A new wheel is opening on Monday in Singapore, and at 165 metres

Brilliant Metrolink?

The new London Transport museum has opened, and oddly I haven’t actually paid a visit yet. Anyhow, one display which I will keep an eye out for when I do get round to paying a visit is the one extolling

Le Morte d’Flying Duck

I tend to visit Greenwich a couple of Sundays per month to get lunch and wander around the markets – and also to visit the awesome Flying Duck shop. It specialises in selling memorabilia from the 1970’s – along with

Scotch’s Lifetime Guarantee – ReRecord, not fade away!

British readers may recall a series of very catchy TV adverts from the 1980’s promoting Scotch video tapes – which featured a dancing skeleton in a “home of the future” still using the same VHS tape he had when he

Death and Hunger classified as “fun stuff”

I have a heck of a lot of RSS feeds tracked everyday – and I use the free Google Reader tool for that. They have however, got into quite an untidy mess not dissimilar to the state of my kitchen

Why are people panicking about the Oscars?

There is a lot of coverage on the news that the Oscars could be reduced to a *mere* press conference and wont have the gushing speeches and tedious lengthy presentation. Well, to me that sounds like a great idea! When

My Kiva micro-loan: A Repayment

Last month, I wrote about an idea which really excited me – called Kiva. The project brings together people in developing countries who are in need of small loans and members of the public who pool their cash to create

London Eye – Traffic Lights

Got back from lunch and noticed from the living room window that the London Eye is is randomly lighting up the passenger pods. As planes fly almost in a direct line over the London Eye when coming in to land

Early Electricity Supplies in London

I was doing a visit to Ely Place in the City of London and will write about that later as it is an interesting tale, but this posting is about a “manhole cover” I saw in the pavement on that

London’s Riverside Amenities – An Exhibition

The ever excellent Building Centre in central London (just off Tottenham Court Road) is hosting an exhibition about plans for waterfront living and transport in the city. Not just the obvious river Thames and Lee Valley, but also several other

The lunatic inside Starbucks

One of the nicer things about working in a coffee shop in the morning is the hustle and bustle going on around you. I think there is a sub-conscious response to that, as I do work faster and harder when

Starbucks runs out of cups

Yesterday, I popped into one of the several hundred branches of Starbucks in Canary Wharf (that is only a slight exageration) for lunch and the lady was preparing a paper cup rather than the usual china mugs. I squeeked a

Today, I became a micro-lender

I had an email from a former boss I used to work with, inviting me to join an organisation which offers micro-credit loans to people in developing nations. Rather than the usual idea of using big banks, all the funds