Tube bag

Was in the retro store in Greenwich at the weekend and picked up this nifty bag which features an old London Underground map on the side. It’s an original and slightly frayed at the edges, but not bad for probably

Dishwasher tablets

I had an odd thought this morning (well, more odd than usual) as I loaded up my dishwasher and put the detergent into the container.

That was unpleasent

Just sitting at my desk this afternoon, working as normal – and all of a sudden my heart starts pounding like mad and my whole chest felt very “odd”. It stopped after just a few seconds, but has left me

Bring back the Penny Black

As a web campaign has (alledgedly) encouraged Cadbury’s to relaunch the Wispa chocolate bar – I am starting a campaign for the Royal Mail to reissue the Penny Black postage stamp (although I guess the price might be a bit

A wander around the London 2012 site

Spent a rather nice Sunday with a group of fellow Thingboxers getting a tour of the site for the London Olympics just a few weeks before most of it is sealed off for construction work. We were guided by the

The enviromental impact of instruction manuals

Not something I usually lose a lot of sleep over – but I just installed a new printer at home, and I was struck by the size of the instruction manuals (note the plural). The main manual is 24 pages

Poor quality sales message

I am currently ordering a new webserver for my commercial sites to cope with traffic growth. Just to be sure I understood things correctly – as I am not really a hardware sort of guy, I posted a message comparing

Free gym makeover?

My local newspaper is running a “competiton” for 4 guys to get 12 weeks free tutition at the local gym, along with nutrituion advice and general makeover stuff. You just need to write a weekly diary of your experiences. I

London art project

I was wandering around the South Bank yesterday waiting for friends as we had tickets to see a recording of Have I Got News for You – and saw a small plastic bag sellotaped to one of the lamp posts

Ding dong! Avon calling…

Just writing a little article about the cosmetics firm, Avon and doing a bit of research. According to Wikipedia: Avon is a “sin of lust or uncontrollable emotion” under Jewish Halakha law. …no wonder all those 1950’s housewives liked it

Will posterity read your emails?

I read this morning on the BBC News website that some 5,000 letters and notes written by Charles Darwin are to be published online. As I also have a hobby researching history, I spend a lot of time reading other

Trapped by the London Marathon

Today’s the day I am “jailed” inside my flat as the London Marathon snakes through Docklands. It’s only one day a year, but I do usually need to get out of the flat at least once a day, even if

Matt Cutts – hacked?

One of the more high profile blogs around – written by Google staffer, Matt Cutts seems to have been hacked overnight. It could be an “April Fool” – but unfortunatly, it looks legit. Hopefully he will get it back online

Tower Bridge “Salutes” Slavery Ship

Today, London’s iconic Tower Bridge “saluted” the arrival of the replica slavery ship, The Zong which passed through for a visit to London for the next ten days. Typically, when a ship passes through Tower Bridge, the roadways are lifted

Tall Sailing Ship in London!

This coming Thursday, a replica of 18th century Square Rigger, The Zong – an infamous slave ship will moor near Tower Bridge and remain there for 10 days. According to the MoD website, it will go through Tower Bridge at

Someone doesn’t like the Sugababes

Wikipedia can be prone to malicious editing. Fortunatly, the edits are usually discovered very quickly and fixed – so for your viewing pleasure, here is a screenshot. The Wikipedia entry can be seen here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sugababes

Clever Spam – or is it?

Had a really odd email this morning from a Chinese firm claiming that they have been approached by another person to register the chinese variants of my own domain names – and asking me to verify that I do not

Annual Returns

I know this is going to be “bread and butter” to accountants etc., but I just filed my first annual return, and I feel oddly chuffed about it. Did it myself and all online. Will get an email in a