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The Bicycle Pump

The tires on my bicycle are looking and feeling a bit squishy, so I decided that it was time to increase their atmospheric pressure by application of generous thrusts upon a pumping device designed for the task. I hadn’t actually

My New Aviary

Last winter, I thought it would be nice to put out some bird feed on the balcony. Wanted to buy a conventional nut feeder, but the only options then, as now, were one small nut feeder and about a decade’s

Bird’s Eye View of the London Docks in 1845

Picked up another issue of the Illustrated London News to bolster my collection – and this one had a few drawings of the London Docks including a quite famous picture of the docks shortly after the completion of the new

Bacchanalian Xmas Tree Lights

Ever since I was a kid, I have always liked the aesthetics of liquor bottles and some years ago I came up with the idea of making up some Christmas Tree lights based on miniature bottles of spirits. That original

Christmas Carols in the City

Although not especially religious, I do quite like some of the religious trappings of the traditional Christmas celebrations and one of them is attending Carols in a proper Church. None of this “salvation army in a train station as I

The Man Behind the Masquerade

Last night was a very special moment for me, as I was reminded of the years of frustrated delight I endured as a young teenager. Unlike some teenagers who were frustrated by more biological concerns, mine was a slender book

The crumbliest flakiest milk chocolate in the world

I am advised that people in polyester branded clothing were handing out free Cadbury’s Flakes at various train stations around London this morning. As a non-commuter I no longer see these things happening, but when I did I was always

Unusual Christmas Tree Decorations

A slightly depressing development in Christmas Tree decorations. As an aside, do we still need signs in shopping centers etc that CCTVs are in use? Considering how ubiquitous they have become,  I’d have thought most people would now automatically presume

Pssst – want a 15th century suit of armour?

OK, a tad out of my price range, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to own a 15th century suit of armour? Just in time for the Christmas fancy dress parties as well. Christie’s are selling it at the end of

Ghosts on the London Underground

Considering the dark dark corners, strange noises and abandoned tunnels that litter the soil under London, it is possibly no surprise that stories of hauntings have emerged over the years. On Wednesday, a couple of authors who have recently written

Ian at Holborn tube station

Anyone who has followed the London news via the internet today cannot have failed to come across stories about a tube worker, presumed to be Ian Morbin at Holborn station abusing a customer. However, as the video clip of the

£37 for a walking tour of Whitechapel?

A journalist in Australia has written a short piece about visiting the East End of London that is so full of holes that it makes a colander look solid by comparison. One of the more egregious of comments was that

The Doors

You are approaching a wide set of doors at the entrance to a shopping centre – how do you get to the other side? Mr Hands in Pockets – who watches furtively for the door that is being held open

New Dixons adverts

I saw an advert on the DLR on the way back from the annoyingly closed exhibition about London Bridge I had expected to visit. The advert by Dixons seems to be trying to imply that you can go to a

The Fugitive Futurist – or how the Thames was drained of water

I am a bit of a fan of how people in the past thought the future would look like, and my memory was recently prompted to recall a short black&white film I saw for the first time last year –