Spam and chips

When you write a blog, you invite with trepidation the comments of your readers and peers who lay waste to what you have written. In addition to the legitimate comments, you will also receive a somewhat larger number of comments

Westminster to get missile defense against attacks

Sorry for the only slightly misleading headline 😉 The story is in essence correct, if you realise I am referring the the Navy frigate, HMS Westminster, not the council. However, in our ever increasingly paranoid city, it really wouldn’t surprise

The City of London board game

A new board game has been launched which looks like a variant of Trivial Pursuit – but with a distinctly London theme. The “City of London board game” is also a fund raiser for the Lord Mayor’s annual charity. The

Harry Potter – analysis paralysis

Harry Potter and the Fascist Ubermensch Rowling’s controversial declaration of Albus Dumbledore’s homosexuality, admitted only after her far right audiences had a chance to buy and read her final book, does not redeem the Potter universe. Clearly, this author is

Website listing all (eventually) of London’s Gardens and Squares

Those fine chaps (and chapesses) over at the London Parks & Gardens Trust, who organise the annual Open Gardens Squares Weekend have launched a new project to create an online database of every notable garden and park in London. The

Hoxton Hotel’s £1 Room Sale

The semi-regular sale held by the Hoxton Hotel is on again, and offers a brief opportunity to book hotel rooms for a proverbial song. They have 1,000 bedrooms up for grabs on their website: 500 at £1 and 500 at

Shop with olde maps in the window

Being quite a fan of old maps I was brought to a sudden halt when out yesterday evening as I passed an antique store which had a couple of very interesting old maps in their window display. Popping onto Google

I am so sorry for the naughties

Sorry is the new black it seems – everyone is at it right now. Accepting that some people have reasons to say sorry, it has been jumped on as the latest advertising Zeitgeist as well. London’s Evening Standard is very

Electric toasters

Yesterday I brought an electric toaster. OK – it is slightly more interesting than that, as I used to sell toasters about a decade ago. In those days, we had two types, 2-slice and 4-slice and that was it. Then

The Sanitas Fumigator

As sold by a firm based in London’s Bethnal Green, and topical for today’s news items.

Tanks can’t run on toasters

Due to metal shortages for the war effort during World War Two, GEC ran this advert in the Illustrated London News reminding people why the modern “electric toaster” was no longer available. But worry not – for once the war

The Electropathic Belt

A boon to weak men; A blessing to delicate women; It restores impaired vitality – It cures Hysteria. It has cured thousands of sufferers. Available from 52 Oxford St., London (which now seems to be a travel agents). Another advert

Win a trip to Mexico

The Victoria & Albert Museum have just sent out their May highlights email which headlines with: Celebrate Baroque and win a trip to Mexico I suspect the number of entries to be low, and hence my chance of winning to

London Zoo to help spider-phobics

If you are scared of spiders, then London Zoo is running a series of courses for phobics to help us you overcome such fears. Whilst I am not afraid of the eight-legged monsters, I don’t particularly like them and particularly

New Anti-Terror Adverts

The Orwellian posters, adverts and their ilk that are going up to warn us to snoop on our neighbours report legitimately suspicious behaviour, such as not recycling the glass bottles have invevitably lead to a website to make you your

We’re closing your credit card account

Just had an email from one of my credit card suppliers saying that as I am not using my card – they will close the account if I don’t make a transaction within a set period of time. It’s one

Climb up Big Ben – a video

A somewhat speeded up video of the climb up the Clock Tower to stand next to Big Ben when it bongs the hours. I suspect the sound of feet on the steps is not real. The video was mentioned by

The Watchmen PR Failure

Last night, I wandered along to the South Bank to see what was being touted as a fairly major PR stunt for the forthcoming Watchmen movie. The event was billed as: “Dr Manhattan, the blue skinned, super-powered being beloved of