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Parish Notice – Improving communications

A short update about the blog. There have typically been two ways for people to know when I post something new to the blog – either to visit the website and have a look, or to use the RSS feed

London charities can claim £80,000 of free advertising per year

As someone who used to use Google to advertise services I noticed this ages ago, and bookmarked the details to blog about, and erm, forgot about it. Anyhow – in a proverbial nutshell, if you are a qualifying charity or

Happy St Swithin’s Day

St. Swithin (or more properly, Swithun) was a Saxon Bishop of Winchester, but is more famously known for a popular rhyme that is associated with him: St Swithun’s day if thou dost rain For forty days it will remain St

Fire Over by the London Eye

Difficult to see exactly where the fire is as I can’t get a depth perspective – so the fire could be next to the London Eye, or 5 miles away (which makes it a very big fire!). Update – no

Memories of 7th July 2005

Today marks a totemic 5th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on London’s transport – and naturally lots of people will be reminiscing on the events of that day. Obviously, when the attacks took place, there was the usual confusion and

The Queen’s Chapel of the Savoy

There is a rather nice looking old church just off The Strand in central London [map link] that I have often passed close to at weekends and wanted to pop in for a look around – but it is only

Does Amazon think I am a transvestite?

This website maintains a weekly events newsletter, which is rather bland and functional partly as I don’t have the time to make it pretty and partly as I think it works better being functional than pretty. However, I do have

Dr Who and the Deus ex Machina of Doom

I am going to be controversial and say that I really loathed the Dr Who series finale, and am getting increasingly despondent with the gushing unthinking praise that the programme gets from the fans (who make Apple fanboys looks moderate

An Unfortunate Reaction to Last Nights Football

It has come to my attention, but means of glancing surreptitiously at the Penny Dreadfulls that the working class are wont to browse through, that there was a sporting event of some significance yesterday evening. More pertinently, that said event

Fantasy Architecture – A viewing tower for Crystal Palace

There has been a bit of a flurry recently with high towers and viewing platforms in London. There was announcement of a tower at the Olympic Park, which courted some controversy over its design. Last week was the decision to

London entries in the National Lottery Awards

An email from the Historic Dockyard in Chatham begging for votes for an upcoming awards ceremony had me checking to see who else is in the running in the London area. In addition to a bauble, there is a £2,000

Interesting cloud formation over London

A glance outside this morning and I saw this: Googling around suggests this is an Altocumulus cloud formation. One form of altocumulus, altocumulus lenticularis (Lenticular cloud) is frequently reported as a UFO!

I’m closing my account with you

Yesterday, I closed my account on Facebook. Not a reaction to the mass panic about privacy issues, although I was troubled by some of the aspects there, but simply because I don’t actually use the service any more. It never

Cruise Liners Visiting London in 2010

Each summer, a series of luxury liners visit London, and while the city doesn’t have a formal cruise liner port, there are three suitable mooring points where the liners can berth for a few days. As the ones heading into

It’s too hot

It’s too hot – could really do with a few clouds to cut down the sun a bit Ugh, it’s so muggy and humid since it clouded over – could really do with a quick shower to clear the air.