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Repairing the Locks on the Hertford Union Canal

It is the best of times, it is the worst of times – no not another Dickens 200th anniversary reference, but a description of what it is like to repair canal locks in the middle of winter. Winter is indeed

The acolytes of Gormley muster in the fields

By prior agreement, when the secret signal was delivered, the Acolytes of Gormley were instructed to muster in their local playing fields for a mass participation event. Sponsored by the National Lottery’s Department for Funding Obscure Art Things, the Acolytes

How will the Olympics change transport habits – in the future

There is a lot of news fluff about the new transport maps indicating expected areas of high traffic and pronouncements of doom and gloom from some quarters — including an emailed request for my own predictions of doom and gloom

Museum of London wants a glass pyramid on its roof

Observed a planning application notice next to the Museum of London the other day proposing a new “pyramid atrium on the main roof of the museum”. Oh hello, are we about to get some Louvre-esque Pyramid in London! Sadly, not.

Free tours of a Royal Navy Destroyer this weekend

A press release from the Royal Navy that is worth highlighting – as the Royal Navy’s Type 42 destroyer, HMS Liverpool is in London for a few days – and the public will be let on board to have a

How to write a press release

How to write a press release Company X, a leader in the field of [insert meaningless waffle] and Company Y (repeat as before) announce a strategic collaboration (as opposed to non-strategic?) so that some future service that may or may

An Ivy Clad Phone Box

Sitting on the corner of Sydenham Hill road in Forest Hill is the rather sad, yet oddly romantic sight of an early Telephone Box being slowly consumed by ivy leaf. The phone within has evidently long ceased to function, and

Too many improvements in an email – TfL’s changing language

I noticed something last week which stood out a bit, and it happened again today, so I dug into my archive to see when it happened. What am I talking about? The weekly emails from TfL warning of dire problems

To be hung by the neck until dead, an execution is announced

By command of the Lord High Sheriff of Stratford, the publisher of scurrilous online pamphlets, known to the public by the pseudonymous identify of IanVisits has been sentenced to death after being found guilty of not holding any interest in

My Predications for the year ahead – in 1512

Because 2012 predictions are so mainstream… The French will increase their involvement in the War of the Holy League and probably defeat the Spanish at some point. With the assistance of the Papal Army, the Medicis will capture Florence again.