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New lifts at Greenwich foot tunnel – impress and depress at once

For the past year or so, the foot tunnel that runs under the Thames between the Isle of Dog and Greenwich has had the lifts out of action, and the staircase covered up in so much cladding that it is

Solved – How to keep pigeons away from bird feeders

I live in a fifth floor flat with a balcony and it pleases me to put some bird feeders out for the local avian wildlife. Over the past few years though I have experimented with a range of ideas to

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the UK’s first Panda Crossing

Today marks the 50th anniversary of a short lived experiment in road crossings with the very first one opening outside Waterloo Station in 1962, and vanishing just five years later. The Panda Crossing was seen as an upgrade to the

North and South linked as Cable Car cables join two sides of the Thames

After a few weeks of delays, last night at around 1am, the preliminary cables were draped between the two pylons for London’s Cable Car, creating the first permanent fixed link above the river between Tower Bridge and Dartford. Not knowing

Photos from inside Westminster Hall

If you saw any of the Queenly speech at Parliament the other day, you might have noticed that it took place in the awesome venue of Westminster Hall. This grand space although used for functions, spends most of its life

A look around the outside of Crumbles Castle

Surrounded by council block flats and next to a wide open green space called Bingfield Park near King’s Cross sits Crumbles Castle, a modest sized stone fortress of the sort that any Medieval knight would probably recognise. It is however,

Tate and Lyle’s staff park in Silvertown

While Mr Tate of Tate and Lyle is famous for giving a gallery to the country, rather less known is the generosity of the other half of the company – which is manifest in a public park donated by Sir

Naked escalator porn

Photographing escalators with their tops off is a frustratingly difficult task as they tend to have a decency preserving curtain around the defrocking works that are going on. A few have been visible this weekend though. Click on photos for

Three steam trains visiting London on Saturday

The first of this year’s steam train visits to London takes place this Saturday with trains visiting Victoria, Paddington and Kings Cross. The details below may help you find a suitable location to watch from the sidelines, or be at

The industrial wasteland at North Greenwich

Although North Greenwich is increasingly known for the big white dome thing that has managed an unexpected rejuvenation in recent years, and being the terminus for a number of Jubilee Line trains – it also has an area of unspoilt