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BBC’s Blogworld – The Best International Blogs

My attention has been drawn to a newish feature on the BBC website that aims to review blogs from around the world “for a special BBC season about the power of the internet”. …well, at least they will until the

Secret tube train to Buckingham Palace

As a bit of a fan of tunnels under London, I am often asked about the oft-rumoured tube tunnel that allegedly links Buckingham Palace to, depending on the rumour, Downing Street or Green Park.

Vulcan Bomber Flight over London Might be Cancelled

There are hopes that one of the Cold War’s most iconic military aircraft, the Avro Vulcan will make a flight over London in 2012 for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – but the flight is under threat due to a lack

Don’t forget the pancakes on Jif Lemon Day!

Some three years ago, I wrote a short hymn to a small yellow plastic container in the shape of a small lemon that brings a smile to my face each year as it graces the shelves of our supermarkets. In

Viking Funerals in London?

As open-air funerals have now been – sort of – legalised, I propose the following for my own funeral. Yes, I know it is a really bad bit of photoshopping! Not only a fantastic way to leave the city, physically

This episode of Eastenders was brought to you by the NHS

Following on from news that TV companies can now take payments for putting products on screen as part of the plot, comes news that TV dramas can have a stronger impact on boosting contraceptive use than serious news programmes. “Researchers

David Dimbleby’s Seven Ages of Britain

There is a bit of a rant by John Dugdale over at The Guardian complaining about an increasing trend for semi-serious TV shows being fronted by a (diminishing) pool of respected and serious news journalists. Situations such as Jeremy Paxman

A Drawing of the Old Houses of Parliament in 1760

Managed to acquire this line drawing of the Old Houses of Parliament made in 1760 before they burnt down in 1834 and were replaced with our “modern” Gothic building. Click on the image for a larger (much larger!) version. Enjoy.

Steam Train to recreate the Bristolian Express service

Interesting news in the land of steam trains, as a joint project by First Great Western and Vintage Rail aims to recreate the non-stop Bristolian Express service this April. The Railway Herald reports that the details are still sketchy, as

EXCLUSIVE: How London’s snow really arrives

If you thought snow fell from the sky as a natural phenomena, then let me dissuade you of that old-fashioned thinking. In our modern age where we expect nature to confirm to our requirements and calendar – snow is imported

Have we lost our grit?

As seems a semi-regular occurrence whenever there is snow, we have a routine debate about the legality of clearing snow from the paths outside our own homes. Various news outlets expound on the dire and ridiculous situation that faces people

Docklands in the Snow

Over the years since I moved into the docklands area, I have listened to people denigrating the area. Too often I am told the area lacks a “soul”, that it is full of glass and steel towers with no character

London Festival of Architecture

The slow trickle of “happy new year” messages is still coming in, and this one from the London Festival of Architecture is one of the better variants, so I thought I’d put it below. It neatly blends my love of


As the news media starts the ritual of the “local council runs out of road salt” stories, I wonder if the supermarkets were to put less salt in their foods, would there be more for the roads? Of course not

If the Burj Dubai was in London…

…what would London’s skyline look like? Well, a little like this: I’ve roughly compared the height of the Gherkin (180m) to the Burj Dubai (818m) to scale the source image. Obviously I’ve guessed where it might be located if it