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More Picnics Please

A slightly weird email arrived today from the Royal Parks in London promoting a new website and marketing campaign they are running to encourage people to have picnics in the Royal Parks. What’s weird about it is that it is

Castrol GTX

When I was a teenager, it was seemingly impossible to turn on the commercial TV channels (both of them) in the evening without being exhorted to buy some lubricant for my (non-existent) motor car. A very simple advert with the

Radical new concept challenges Facebook for teen market

At a meeting of Mad Men Marketing…   Boss, Boss, We just got the contract to push this radical new product aimed at teenagers! Great! Tell me about it. Well, its a revolutionary new way for teenagers to collect their

Battle of the London Bridges on Twitter

It seems the two London Bridges, the current and the later are on Twitter and have been having a bit of a childish spat! For clarity, Tower Bridge has its own Twitter account as well, although it has maintained a

B&W News Clips about London’s Docks

Almost everyone else in London has done this, so I guess I can jump on the horse drawn cart and pull out a few choice sample from the new Pathé News website. Being a resident in the docklands area, I

Have I Got News for You – ticket procedure change

Update: The procedure has changed since the below was written. Click on the link for the latest details of how to request tickets to see Have I Got News for You being recorded Regular readers will be aware of my

Travel and Vintage Posters

Another Christies auction of posters is coming up soon – and while I really like a lot of the old posters, the fact that a lot of other people share my interest tends to push the prices to unaffordable levels.

Spam and chips

When you write a blog, you invite with trepidation the comments of your readers and peers who lay waste to what you have written. In addition to the legitimate comments, you will also receive a somewhat larger number of comments

Westminster to get missile defense against attacks

Sorry for the only slightly misleading headline ;) The story is in essence correct, if you realise I am referring the the Navy frigate, HMS Westminster, not the council. However, in our ever increasingly paranoid city, it really wouldn’t surprise

The City of London board game

A new board game has been launched which looks like a variant of Trivial Pursuit – but with a distinctly London theme. The “City of London board game” is also a fund raiser for the Lord Mayor’s annual charity. The

Harry Potter – analysis paralysis

Harry Potter and the Fascist Ubermensch Rowling’s controversial declaration of Albus Dumbledore’s homosexuality, admitted only after her far right audiences had a chance to buy and read her final book, does not redeem the Potter universe. Clearly, this author is

Website listing all (eventually) of London’s Gardens and Squares

Those fine chaps (and chapesses) over at the London Parks & Gardens Trust, who organise the annual Open Gardens Squares Weekend have launched a new project to create an online database of every notable garden and park in London. The

Hoxton Hotel’s £1 Room Sale

The semi-regular sale held by the Hoxton Hotel is on again, and offers a brief opportunity to book hotel rooms for a proverbial song. They have 1,000 bedrooms up for grabs on their website: 500 at £1 and 500 at

Shop with olde maps in the window

Being quite a fan of old maps I was brought to a sudden halt when out yesterday evening as I passed an antique store which had a couple of very interesting old maps in their window display. Popping onto Google

I am so sorry for the naughties

Sorry is the new black it seems – everyone is at it right now. Accepting that some people have reasons to say sorry, it has been jumped on as the latest advertising Zeitgeist as well. London’s Evening Standard is very

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