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The Queen commands – put dinosaurs on the 50p coins

By order of The Queen, a trilogy of 50p coins has been released, featuring dinosaurs on them.

Campaign to pedestrianise Soho for the summer months

A large chunk of Soho could be pedestrianised this summer to help local cafes and restaurants spread out their tables and attract back customers.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car comes up for sale

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, one of the most famous cars in the world, is coming up for auction.

Covid-19 themed playing cards released for charity

This is topical and nice, a special set of playing cards has been released as a charity fundraiser, with all the court cards as medical staff.

Southbank Centre could be mothballed without urgent funding

The Southbank Centre is warning that it may not be able to reopen, unless it is able to either secure a rescue package or find a way of providing concerts with larger audiences.

Plumstead’s mysterious ice-age Slade Ravine

Plumstead Common is open land high up the hills overlooking the Thames, and has a very odd and very deep valley running through one side of it. How has a short, deep, valley ended up here on top of a hill?

There’s a huge model of Thunderbird 4 in Thamesmead

Sitting on a box outside a large industrial shed in Thamesmead is a very large Thunderbird 4.

Is BBC4 imperiled by BBC cuts?

There are rumours that BBC4 — the TV channel — could be closed down as a cost saving measure by the BBC.

Check out the Pay it Forward scheme

A number of businesses and cultural venues that have had to close their doors are now selling tickets for use in the future.

Virtual museum tours

While the museums and galleries have locked their doors there’s a chance to wander their empty halls alone, virtually.

A map of the trees of London

Ever wondered what that tree is you passed during your lockdown exercise walk? There’s a website that tells you the answer.

Transport themed backgrounds for Zoom calls

If you’re stuck at home using video calling to keep in touch with work and friends, then TfL has produced some backgrounds to replace the bookshelf you usually sit in front of.

Lockdown side effects – toilet paper shortage leads to surge in blocked sewers

Thames Water is reporting a surge in sewer blockages of nearly 20 percent since the virus lockdown started.

Who wants a tube roundel coffee table?

This is a limited edition coffee table from the London Transport Museum which will be going on sale in July, although you can pre-order it now.

Support a London museum during the lockdown

London’s museums and galleries have been forced to close their doors, and as a result are facing a crisis of funding.

Honest Burgers delivering limited edition burger kits to the home

The burger joint, Honest Burgers has teamed up with online butchers, Turner & George to deliver burger kits to your home. And it’s for charity.

Garden centre collective delivering plants to the home

With so many garden centres closed at the moment, there’s a risk that a lot of plants would have to be thrown on a compost heap – but now they can be delivered to your home instead.

Some of the fun of the fair in your home

Carters, the Victorian steam fair has cold boilers due the lockdown and wont be travelling in the near future – but you can still have the fun of the fair at home.