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What were the Top-10 blog posts of 2010?

I deem that it is time for a dose of omphaloskepsis, and to find out which of my miserable scrawlings captured your attention the most during 2010. After much efforts calculating a myriad of variables (OK, I just asked Google

By the Queen – A Proclamation!

BY THE QUEEN A PROCLAMATION APPOINTING FRIDAY 29TH APRIL 2011 AS A BANK HOLIDAY IN ENGLAND, WALES AND NORTHERN IRELAND ELIZABETH R. Whereas We consider it desirable that Friday, the twenty-ninth day of April in the year 2011 should be

All Hail the Super Docking Station!

My RSS tracker for TfL’s press releases had an alert that the new Boris Bike stand at Waterloo Station has been completed – offering space for 126 of the blue velocipedes. Oddly, the press release was removed from the TfL

An Execution at Charing Cross Station

How the majority of us turned Vegetarian without even noticing

I was watching the BBC2 series on food last night that goes into how big business captured the food industry – last week it was the bottled water industry, next week the pointless pro-biotic yoghurt industry. Last night, it was

The obsession with air fresheners

If you put any of the commercial television channels on for any length of time, you will start to notice that amongst all the adverts for Christmas food, car insurance and exhortations to sue someone – are floods of adverts

Clean up the Canary Wharf station names confusion

Anyone who makes extensive use of the Jubilee Line and DLR in the Canary Wharf area will be well aware that only tourists/visitors would ever try to switch between the Canary Wharf stations on each line, as Herron Quays on

Allegedly, these are the top-20 blogs in London

There is a blog-ranking service operated by a company called Wikio. Every so often they publish a ranking of the best political blogs which leads to much anguish and ranting about bias (etc) within the political sphere. They have now

Shop wont sell bird feed during winter months?

I have a balcony where I live, and it pleases me to put some bird feed out there to support the local wildlife. Over time, I have worked out what works best, not just at attracting birds, but at also

Giving away VHS tapes

Many years ago I was quite the film buff and consequently also built up a quite substantial video collection. However, over time I came to realise that these tapes are just sitting on shelves unwatched and gathering quite substantial amounts

A museum for the Emergency Services?

Reading this morning that the hanger sized grey monolith that will become the media centre for the Olympic games in 2012 faces an uncertain future got me pondering an idea I had some time ago. On my visit to the

Why didn’t The Pope get a formal gun salute?

Sometimes being told something will happen makes you suddenly realise that the same event didn’t take place at some other time. For example, I just received a notice from the Port of London Authority that there will be a gun

The Victorians: Time and Space

On Tuesday, I wandered over to a lecture on how technology changed the Victorian’s perception of time and space. Or at least that is what I thought it was going to be about. As a concept it is a fairly

Are you a swinger?

Walking down the road, they stand out a mile. Easy to spot, the swinger is a subversive threat to the social order of the country. You know who you are – walking along swinging your arms like a set of

The end of Big Brother. At last!

Big Brother, the television show rather than the social metaphor has finished and I am dancing on its grave. Like Marmite, it is was a programme that engenders only two emotions – love or hate. To be specific though, I