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Demolition of King’s Cross’s “Ugly Green Shed” Imminent

In just a few weeks, the famously ugly green shed that has been despoiling the frontage of King’s Cross station since the 1970s will start to be swept away in the final stage of the upgrades to the area. The

Fighting Fantasy books to return, but not as books

Yesterday glorious news as it turned out that the Fighting Fantasy range of books were 30 years old (ouch!) and new titles would be released. However, it turned out that the new format will be a second attempt to turn

The unexpected and welcome Olympic Legacy

And so it is over. Today, the athletes. the trainers, the sponsors and their assorted lackeys pack up their bags and leave the party. Years of expectation and effort concentrated into a single moment. Would people turn up, would they

The Olympic Water Chariots slash their prices

The hideously overpriced canal boat service taking people from Limehouse to nearish to the Olympic Park seems to have finally bowed the inevitability of their reportedly near-empty boats… …a few days after revamping their website, they have today finally slashed

Get in early with your Olympic souvenir hunting

Sitting inside the Olympic Park is a “megastore” packed with Olympic branded goodies. Some garish, some surprisingly tasteful, including the canvas bags with 1948 posters on them – alas, a plastic style print transfer that wouldn’t last very long, and

Cultural food and drink events during the Olympics

A number of countries in addition to sending athletes to London for the Olympics, have also chosen to set up cultural hubs in the city as well. Showcasing their national stereotypes, and also acting as a useful base for their

95th Anniversary of the Founding of the House of Windsor

Today marks the 95th anniversary of the decision by the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to change its name to the House of Windsor. Responding to general anti-german sentiment, King George V issued a Proclamation dissolving any association and rights

The Old Jewel Tower of Westminster Palace

Of the several towers extant within Westminster, one of the more overlooked, literally as well as figuratively has to be the Jewel Tower that sits in a little corner opposite Parliament. A small stone built building, just three stories high,

Private entrance from Westminster Tube Station for MPs

There is often told tales by the subterranean conspiracy lot of a private entrance inside Westminster tube station that our elected masters can use to get into the Parliamentary Estate – should they deign to travel by London Underground. I

A second cable car at Greenwich?

A warning message to ships on the Thames, that three cables are be carried across the river to link Greenwich to the Isle of Dogs in a manner very similar to that used for the Dangleway by the Millenium Dome

A new type of tube train is shown off at the South Bank

If you were heading down into a certain tube station recently via the escalator, you might have been slightly alarmed to see this advancing back up towards you. No, not a new type of tube train designed to deposit passengers

Pigeons riding Boris Bikes

Just around the corner from the Royal London Hospital in Whitechappel is a Boris Bike stand that would be otherwise unremarkable except that one half of it has been colonised by pigeons, and they have taken to the bikes with

Suggestions for things to do outside London during July

My now regular look ahead to events happening next month that would probably be in my events guide, if only they weren’t happening outside the psychological barrier of the M25 motorway.   Oxenhope Straw Race 1st July The Oxenhope Straw

How Typhoon jets will intercept unexpected planes during the Olympics

As part of the ongoing militarisation of London in preparation for the Olympics, we are probably aware that there will be missiles stationed in various locations around the venues, and that fighter jets will be on standby to intercept unexpected

Painted BT Phone Boxes in Trafalgar Square

Once a familiar sight on the streets of the UK, the telephone box has faded from important utility to quaint heritage as the mobile phone killed off the need to visit a specific location to make a phone call. The