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Getting a free haircut in London

I have long heard about these free haircut deals where salons ask for "models" for their staff to train on, but what are they really like?

Expandable dress creates a personal space on trains

An American designer has developed an expanding dress that can -- theoretically -- be worn on public transport and used to deter overly affectionate menfolk from getting too close.

Night Bus

This is the Night Bus passing through Brixon, Bringing the drunks and the cleaners to the station, Cleaners for the rich, cleaners for the poor,

A few random thoughts…

A few random thoughts...

See the Chromolocomotion within St Pancras Station

Within St Pancras Station, where once hung 5 Olympic rings, now hangs a giant game of Tetris.

Prefab Museum extended until the “end of summer”

I recently told you that you had until the end of May to visit the Prefab museum in a soon to be gutted estate in South London.

This is not Paddington Station

Does this look like Paddington Station to you?

Take a short walk through Dog Kennel Hill Wood

There is in East Dulwich a large supermarket. The approach through a council estate, skirting a wood, and then through a small grassy area. Yet, that little wood next to it happens to make for a much more pleasant way to secure egress to the store, and is curiously little used.

Giant white crosses to mark World War 1

As part of St Paul's Cathedral's commemoration to the Great War of 1914-18, two white cruciform sculptures, each over six metres high have been installed at the head of the nave.

Random web security musings

A random thought in a random sort of randomly way that is more random than a computer's random number generator.