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London Tube Station Appears in Steampunk-Style Computer Game

Some sort of computer game is being released based in Victorian London that features some pretty stunning images of the city, and the London Underground stations.

Le Morte d’Bob Crow

The sudden and totally unexpected death of a major and highly controversial figure is always a shock and a moment for reflection on the impact of their passing.

Paddington Bear movie trailer released

A preview trailer has been released of the forthcoming Paddington Bear movie, with some lovely -- and suspiciously clean footage of Paddington Station.

Praise for the new SouthBank Centre Website

Readers with very good memories may recall that just over a year ago, I wrote a polemic about how the SouthBank Centre's website had redesigned its listings page in a way that made them essentially useless.

We’ve won an award!

Like lots of conferences, baubles are handed out at the end to winners of various criteria - best new thing, best old thing, best innovative thing, best etc things.

Dante’s Modern Inferno at Leicester Square

If Dante were alive today, I would have found his muse in a multi-layer confection of artificial colours and smells designed to deafen the senses into mute submission.

When PR goes badly wrong

There is a considerable amount of fuss being generated at the moment in PR and Media land about an attempt by a PR firm to ensure it gets tons of coverage this evening at a music awards ceremony.

Help with website problems

OK, I am stumped. I have tried every single thing I can think of, and quite a lot of things that should matter, just in case they did.

How the Motor Car Reshaped English Architecture

A new exhibition has opened inside the Wellington Arch at Hyde Park that looks at how the architecture associated with the motor car changed the landscape.

Your last chance to visit the Trocadero

You have but a single week left to visit what remains of the decaying hulk that is the Trocodero center in London's West End.