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The London River Park is dead

OK, the London River Park has been dead for some considerable time, but some point over the past few days, the website joined its architectural vision and has finally given up trying to promote the project.

British Library pays homage to children’s books illustrators

While we are told that the written word should in of itself fire up the imagination, children’s books still tend to come with some sort of illustration in them to assist the young reader — and many of those illustrations go onto become classics in their own right.

Photos of the Crossrail Station at Paddington

One of the curious things about huge construction projects, is that for all the disruption they cause to some people, it is quite possible for others to have no idea anything is going on.

30 years of fly fishing with J.R. Hartley

It’s a remarkable 30 years since one of the most charming and best loved television adverts was first shown on TV.

A Soviet Tank in South London

Lurking on a side street just off the Old Kent Road is a curious relic of two Cold Wars, one between mighty governments and one between a single man and the local council.

Film Shots of Derelict Docklands in the 1980s

In the mid 1980s, a film director decided to make an East-End gangster movie, and set it in the then developing docklands area. It’s also dire — and yet, worth watching as it has finally been released on DVD more than 20 years after its fairly badly receive d├ębut on Channel 4.

Six streets in London called The Mall

This is The Mall, London. So as it happens, is this; And this; And this; And this; Not to forget, this.

A Boris Bus visits a Ghostly Village

As the “Boris Buses” spread across London slowly taking over fresh bus routes, one was found on Saturday in a very unusual location on an very rare bus route.

Dr Who and the Daleks invade the Museum of London

A new exhibition to mark the 90th anniversary of the Radio Times has opened at the Museum of London, and as with anything BBC related, has a lot of Dr Who included.

A fake tube train in an art gallery

It’s not often that you see a bit of a tube train inside an art gallery, but that is what you can see for the next couple of weeks in a small gallery next to the vastly larger Tate Modern.

The grass gets greener at Stonehenge

Computer generated images of new buildings and urban landscapes have long been a bit of an annoyance for me (and many people) in how the images rendered are rarely realistic representations of how the building will look when finished.

A curiosity about the local area maps at St Pancras Station

Just a bit of random weirdness that you sometimes notice when stuck on a platform for 20 minutes waiting for a delayed train.

A bronze frieze of London’s Underground commuters

There is in St Pancras a monumental sculpture by Paul Day, called The Meeting Place, which is intended to evoke the romance of travel through the depiction of a couple locked in an amorous embrace

Olympic Park opens in 47, or 49, or 50 days time at midnight

Over the past few months, I have occasionally noticed a countdown clock at the top of the Olympic park website noting when the part reopens to the public.

Fire Brigade Dissect a White Whale in Covent Garden

It is almost impossible now to go to the West End in the evenings without seeing a white whale squeezing its way through the narrow streets.

20 years ago – Queen announces public tours of Buckingham Palace

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the announcement that Buckingham Palace would open to the public during the summers.

Westminster Council is selling off its street signs

An unusual auction is coming up next month with a change to acquire some rather unique — and based on the estimate prices — curiously cheap bits of London memorabilia.

Preparations for a funeral

When a major event takes place in London, along comes the paraphernalia of ceremony to control and to broadcast.