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Preparations for a funeral

When a major event takes place in London, along comes the paraphernalia of ceremony to control and to broadcast.

Dare you enter the Micrarium?

A small room inside a small museum has been given over to the small displays of the small of the animal kingdom. A glowing cupboard surrounded on three sides by bugs, beetles. beasties and bacillus.

The curious history of the kitchen mixing bowl

Over the past hundred years or so, almost every object in the domestic kitchen has been adapted to changing needs and fashions of society. But there is one object that is almost unchanged since it was first made over a century ago.

What lies hidden in Canary Wharf’s steel plant pots

If you travel around Canary Wharf, or some parts of the City of London, you cannot fail to notice large steel plant pots that have sprung up around buildings.

There is a conference taking place

How do I know there is a conference taking place? Because I see a surge in press releases from a range of organisations all making announcements about the same area of research or products all at the same time.

I missed a train today

I missed a train today. I allowed an extra 20 minutes to get to the train, but I still missed it. A train that was to take me to visit a train station.

In which I discuss the future of Heathrow Airport…

This will be a controversial blog post - touching on a topic which is more political than practical - the future of airports in the South-East of the UK.

Happy New Year

I am not actually a huge "oh, the calendar is changing - lets have a party" sort of chap, and only stay up for the fireworks, and even then only because the bed is 10 seconds from the balcony.

The top ten blog posts of 2012

I deem that it is time for a dose of omphaloskepsis, and to find out which of my miserable scrawlings captured your attention the most during the past year.

The View Tube reopens next to the Olympic Park

As noted by Diamond Geezer yesterday and by myself today, the Greenway next to the Olympic Park has reopened, as has the View Tube at one end.

Artists and scientists are Jiggling Atoms

Over at CERN, scientists collide atomic nuclei together to split them into fundamental particles and study them. Here in London, a number of scientists from the bizarre world of quantum physics recently collided with the equally bizarre world of modern

Building the Olympics – bedtime reading

Now that we have all gushed over the various Olympic venues, it might be worth sparing a moment to consider the planning and effort that went into building them. Fortunately, the usually subscription only Institute of Civil Engineering have put

Demolition of King’s Cross’s “Ugly Green Shed” Imminent

In just a few weeks, the famously ugly green shed that has been despoiling the frontage of King’s Cross station since the 1970s will start to be swept away in the final stage of the upgrades to the area. The

Fighting Fantasy books to return, but not as books

Yesterday glorious news as it turned out that the Fighting Fantasy range of books were 30 years old (ouch!) and new titles would be released. However, it turned out that the new format will be a second attempt to turn

The unexpected and welcome Olympic Legacy

And so it is over. Today, the athletes. the trainers, the sponsors and their assorted lackeys pack up their bags and leave the party. Years of expectation and effort concentrated into a single moment. Would people turn up, would they