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Random web security musings

A random thought in a random sort of randomly way that is more random than a computer's random number generator.

What was the mystery obelisk alongside the Thames?

Around 1750, Canaletto painted a scene of London from Somerset House towards Westminster. It shows all the obvious things you would expect to see...

Street art under a railway bridge near Brixton

There is a railway line that passes through residential streets in South London and at one point leaves a low lying bridge over a pedestrian passageway -- and that passage is an art gallery.

A tube map of “the internet”

It seems that everything can at some point be reduced to a variant of the tube map and then posted onto the internet for all to see. But what about the internet as a tube map on the internet?

Another attempt to reform the Sunday trading laws

There is a campaign brewing to reform the Sunday trading laws and scrap the 6-hour maximum that large stores can be open for on the day.

London’s weekly railway news #40

A weekly round-up of London's rail transport news...

London Tube Station Appears in Steampunk-Style Computer Game

Some sort of computer game is being released based in Victorian London that features some pretty stunning images of the city, and the London Underground stations.

Le Morte d’Bob Crow

The sudden and totally unexpected death of a major and highly controversial figure is always a shock and a moment for reflection on the impact of their passing.

Paddington Bear movie trailer released

A preview trailer has been released of the forthcoming Paddington Bear movie, with some lovely -- and suspiciously clean footage of Paddington Station.

Praise for the new SouthBank Centre Website

Readers with very good memories may recall that just over a year ago, I wrote a polemic about how the SouthBank Centre's website had redesigned its listings page in a way that made them essentially useless.