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The chess frontage of Simpsons in the Strand

Have you ever wandered down Strand and noticed two large hanging chess pieces outside a famous restaurant?

London Underground themed cycling clothing

If you’re not totally worn out with London Underground themed clothing, now comes a range of moquette cycling gear.

Look out for a Blue Moon on Halloween

This October boasts a modestly rare event — two full moons in a single month, also known as a Blue Moon. And this time it happens on Halloween, which has no scientific significance other than ohhh, spooky.

Personal News: I’m unemployed

By choice, I hasten to add, in that I was the one who wrote the farewell letter and handed it to the boss, although not entirely by choice on the grounds that the job was wearing me out and that was a battle I was losing.

The future of the office in the work from home era

Despite claims that we’re living a new age of working from home and that cities will soon be urban wastelands, the reality is that while big changes are afoot, they are not as dramatic as may be suggested…

London Underground branded face coverings

The London Transport Museum has jumped on the bandwagon for fancy face masks and is selling London transport themed versions.

London’s non-geographic postcodes

Anyone in London knows roughly where you live when a postcode is shown, but there are a handful of postcodes that won’t help you.

The public Lord Mayor’s Show 2020 has been cancelled

Due to you-know-what, the annual spectacle of a 3-mile long parade through central London is not going to happen this year.

Red Arrows flying over London for VJ Day on Saturday

Look to the skies, as the Red Arrows will fly over London on Saturday (15th Aug 2020) in the late-afternoon.

London tube map based on the stars in the skies

A variant on the classic London Underground tube map has been released, with all the stations renamed after astronomical objects and events.

Shoreditch’s Village Underground is converting into a cycle park

With an increase in people cycling, and a decrease in people clubbing, a Shoreditch venue is turning its space into a bicycle storage park.

Creative industry bailout could save 100,000 London jobs

The government’s £1.5 billion funding bailout for the creative industry could help stave of upwards of 100,000 job loses in London.

Check out this London tube map made from a working circuit board

Fancy a tube map with a difference? How about one made from a circuit board – with lights that show live train movements?

A steel sewer vortex longer than a tube carriage

A gigantic steel tube that’s large enough to hold a tube train has arrived at the Thames Sewer site in Hammersmith – and is to be buried vertically in the ground.

Red Arrows flying over London on Thursday (18th June)

Look to the skies tomorrow (Thur 18th June) as the Red Arrows are making a flypast over Central London at 5pm.

London City Airport to reopen from the end of June.

London City Airport says that it plans to start opening again towards the end of the month, which is either a welcome sign of normality returning, or an unwelcome return of aircraft noise, depending on your perspective.

London’s breweries offering beer deliveries to the home

Dotted around London are a growing number of micro-breweries, and many of them are offering home delivery of their beers in the lockdown times.

Covent Garden to partially reopen from Monday 15th June

Normally thronging with tourists, a socially distanced Covent Garden plans to reopen next week (Mon 15th June).