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Mating toads closes road in South London

A road in Richmond is to be closed to traffic throughout March, to allow toads to cross it and get to their annual breeding grounds.

All the Royal Parks to be closed on Sunday

If you are planning to visit any of the Royal Parks in London on Sunday – the gates will be locked.

A decade of London in Google Street View

In 2008, Google started driving their camera-cars around the streets of London, capturing images that have been semi-regularly updated ever since.

City of London updates plans to move its markets to Dagenham

A new public consultation is opening on the City of London’s plans to co-locate Billingsgate, New Spitalfields and Smithfield markets at a new site in Dagenham Dock.

More police on the London Underground reduces crime

This is one of those so obvious it shouldn’t need testing issues, but an experiment that put more police on the London Underground saw a reduction in crime.

How many Harry Potter fans were injured trying to get to platform 9¾?

As fans of a certain novel and film will know, at King’s Cross there’s a secret platform, 9¾ which takes you to the Hogwarts Express.

Gun Salutes in London during 2020

Ceremonial military guns will go bang bang several times in London during 2020, at the Tower of London and in the Royal Parks.

Smithfield’s annual Christmas Eve auction

Earlier this morning, the annual Christmas Eve auction took place at Smithfields.

London museums open over Christmas

Lots of museums are open over the Christmas period, but with opening hours as erratic as Aunt Norra on her 3rd sherry of the day – so here is a list of known opening hours.

See fist-fighting mice on the London Underground

A photo of two mice in a fist-fight on the London Underground has been put forward for a Natural History photography award.

What to do in London on Christmas Day

Most of London shuts down on Christmas Day, but a few hardly venues will open for the visitors stuck in the centre of town and with nothing else to do.

Watch a power station demolition

This coming Sunday morning (15th Dec) will see the UK’s second highest chimney demolished – right next to the Dartford Crossing.

Smithfield’s Christmas Eve meat auction returns for 2019

Good news for meat lovers and lovers of a meaty bargain as the exceptionally good fun Christmas Eve auction will return to Smithfield this year.

Helicopters over Central London on Friday

Usual caveats, but there should be a formation of helicopters flying over Central London on Friday afternoon.

Those odd looking security barriers

You’ve probably seen these dotted around a few places, what looks like some sort of security barrier, but wondered how such an odd thing could work.

Pedestrianising Shoreditch’s Arnold Circus

A much loved local landmark that’s also in the middle of a roundabout could see cars banned under plans by the local council.

Using the London Underground to improve broadband speeds

A plan to line tube tunnels with fibre optic cables to improve London’s internet connectivity has taken a step forward.