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Straw bales hanging from London bridges

The straw bales are back -- hanging from the wobbly bridge later this month.

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Book tickets to visit Crossrail building sites

Ticket booking to visit some Crossrail building sites will open tomorrow (Tues 1st Sept), so consider this blog post a reminder to keep an eye on the Crossrail website. Edit — the page went live, telling people to come back

The Shard testing a lighting display this weekend

Looks like The Shard is up to something, as they will be testing some lighting effects over the weekend in the early hours.

London’s weekly railway news #113

A weekly round-up of London's rail transport news...

Roman Skulls go on display in the Museum of London

Roman London's amphitheater was a place where men and women crossed its threshold to embrace death or duty. But who were these people?

A couple of ripe, ornamental pineapples

There is a work of art that is as baffling as it is pointless sitting on street behind an office block near Euston.

Vincent Price, Christopher Lee and Dr Who at UCL

Over the next few months, the UCL in central London is hosting a number of eclectic film nights in their various museums.

Booking for 2015’s Open House Weekend opens shortly

The list of venues opening for this year's Open House Weekend will be revealed next Friday (14th Aug).

Free Penguins on the London Underground

During the month of August, Penguin (the book firm) is giving away free book extracts and author interviews as part of a campaign to celebrate its 80th birthday.

More vintage videos of London released

Joining in the habit of releasing old footage from news archives and putting it online to earn a crust of advertising is the Associated Press, with their British Movietone news reels.

Look out for a Blue Moon on Friday

This Friday (31st July) marks the first Blue Moon to be seen over London -- well, the entire planet actually -- since 2012.

The Dr Who branded £10 bank note

There sits inside the British Museum a collection of bank notes and coinage -- and an exceptionally rare Dr Who branded bank note.

Is it ever OK to wear socks with sandals?

Is it ever wrong to wear socks with sandals? It may surprise you to learn that not only can it be acceptable, but indeed can be mandatory.

Tours of a Royal Navy Frigate Announced

Next Saturday, there will be a chance to wander around HMS St Albans which will be in Docklands on a visit.

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