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Surreal disappointment in The Curve’s latest display

The curve is a vast space within the Barbican which has on occasions really hit the mark with its displays, leading to long queues to go inside. And sometimes, it's almost empty.

Hypnotic Illuminated Islamic art at the Barbican

In the Barbican at the moment, you can find a large geometric sculpture with geometric lines projected onto it and a background musical track.

The private monorail tunnel under North London

Under North London, there exists a private underground monorail service, some 20km long running from Elstree to St John's Wood in the centre of town.

Hitchcock’s murals at Leytonestone tube station

Leytonstone has few claims to fame, but one of them is that one of Hollywood's most famous film directors was born there, and the tube station which is decorated with murals of his films.

Get up close and personal with the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs

There's a chance to go beyond the barrier and onto Dinosaur Island in Crystal Palace and get up close to the famous stone monsters.

London’s weekly railway news #169

A weekly round-up of London's rail transport news...

Margaret Thatcher’s clothes to go on display

A small collection of 1980s fashion is going on display in the V&A museum, and the clothes were all worn by Margaret Thatcher while she was Prime Minister.

City of London marks 150 years of Transatlantic Telegraphs

One hundred and fifty years ago, a revolution took place that shrunk the world from impossibly vast to almost comprehensible, and a new exhibition has opened to mark the event.

TfL Board papers published

The bi-monthly board meeting papers have been published on the TfL website ahead of their meeting next week, and a few interesting snippets have emerged.

From deep under the ocean come stone benches for London

A set of ancient stone benches in the City of London is close to marking its 4th anniversary as both ornament and utility of the city streets, and roughly 140 million years since the stone was formed.

Charing Cross tube station’s ticket hall to close next month

Part of Charing Cross tube station is to close from next month for nearly a year as TfL revamps the rather tired 1970s decor of the ticket hall.

Revamp for London’s largest independent charity

A 21st birthday present for one of London's largest charities, which is itself a curious legacy of a 732 year old trust associated with old London Bridge.

Le Morte d’Oyster

The oyster card holder has died. Over a decade of service and its time has come to an end. Two halves joined by flexible plastic that were slowly rent asunder by use beyond its design.

An exhibition of Rowland Emett’s crazy railway engines

A crowdfunding attempt is under way to try and put on an exhibition of wacky designs by Rowland Emett in a Birmingham museum.

New LondonIsOpen art works go on display

A series of art works are to be displayed promoting the fact that London is open to the world for business.