London’s population to start shrinking says report

It’s only a few years since Greater London’s population passed its 1939 peak after decades of decline that reversed in the 1980s — and now a new decline may be on the horizon.

Your most read articles on ianVisits during 2020

Well, that was quite the year and one which we will both want to forget about, and spend decades watching documentaries about.

The Natural History Museum to be in a TV show next week

A note to look out for a behind-the-scenes style documentary series featuring London’s own Natural History Museum.

Nightime drone display over the Thames

There’s to be a formation of 300 drones flying around the Thames for a filming event over the Christmas break.

City of London car park to be turned into cycle delivery hub

Part of an underground car park in the City of London is to be turned into a space for delivery services by bicycle around the City of London.

Buying a new phone

A new phone has been delivered in time for Christmas, a combination of probably needing one soon and a modest treat for self, and with a better camera, for the website.

London Christmas tree recycling collections 2020/21

It might seem a bit Scrooge to be talking about getting rid of the Christmas tree before the event is over, but it can help to know what to do before 12th Night comes along.

A bale of straw is to hang from Wandsworth Bridge

Ancient laws about bridges and bales of straw will be enforced for the next few months as repair works are carried out on Wandsworth Bridge.

Missing Doctor Who London Underground story to be released

Set on the London Underground, the Web of Fear is one of those famously lost episode storys from Doctor Who, but a partially restored version is to be released by the BBC.

Greenwich’s advent windows returns this year

With so many indoor events cancelled, here’s one that’s entirely outdoors – a wander around Greenwich looking at advent windows.

Strange old Christmas cards

It’s the season to compare how many cards you have with your erstwhile friends, and while today most cards tend towards the cute and twee, in the past they were rather odder.

Plans to reduce road traffic in the Royal Parks

The Royal Parks has opened a public consultation on plans to make permanent some of its temporary traffic reduction schemes.

Dino t-shirts to support the Crystal Palace dinosaurs

If you fancy wearing a t-shirt with a dinosaur on it, then a fund-raiser for the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs has come to your rescue.

Musicians are delivering Christmas trees across London

Normally a real Christmas tree is something bought from a garden centre, or that “guy who appears on a street corner for a few weeks”, but a new initiative has been set up to deliver trees across London – and support jobbing performers at the same time.

Christmas jumpers from London venues

Tis the season to sit in front of your computer on a video call wearing nothing except a Christmas Jumper.

A typography library looking to digitise its collection

Fleet Street’s St Bride Foundation, which cares for a collection covering print, design and typography has started a digitisation project in advance of its 125th anniversary.

Water voles are being reintroduced to London

It’s Wind in the Willows for Kingston, as the water vole, one of the UK’s most endangered mammals is being returned to the wild.

Westminster Abbey lifts its ban on photography

Photography has long been banned in Westminster Abbey, but they have finally joined the other major cathedrals in London, and relaxed the ban.