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peterjackson Revamp for London’s largest independent charity

A 21st birthday present for one of London's largest charities, which is itself a curious legacy of a 732 year old trust associated with old London Bridge.

oyster-old-01 Le Morte d’Oyster

The oyster card holder has died. Over a decade of service and its time has come to an end. Two halves joined by flexible plastic that were slowly rent asunder by use beyond its design.

Rowland-Emett An exhibition of Rowland Emett’s crazy railway engines

A crowdfunding attempt is under way to try and put on an exhibition of wacky designs by Rowland Emett in a Birmingham museum.

David-Shrigley_Londonisopen_list New LondonIsOpen art works go on display

A series of art works are to be displayed promoting the fact that London is open to the world for business.

Unwise to wander off Vintage bus run from London to Imber

If you fancy riding around a military firing range in a fleet of old London double-decker buses, then ImberBus is the event to look out for -- which I have written about in the past.

small-framed-london-2012-track-560x375 Chance to buy a chunk of London 2012 racing track

The former Olympic Stadium is selling off parts of the London 2012 racing track, as souvenirs.

Westminster Bridge Vote for the Battle Bus!

The Transport Museum's restored 1914 era Battle Bus, which was amongst many that were sent to France during WW1 is in the running for a prize.

belmont-trail-7 A disused railway line – the Belmont Trail

Just over 50 years ago a small branch running off the railway near Harrow closed, and is now much of the line has been converted into a pleasant if seemingly little used walk.

See inside a vast forgotten Victorian railway waiting room Weekly round-up of London’s railway transport news

A weekly round-up of London's rail transport news...

Victorian Railway Stations that Tried to Span the Thames Weekly round-up of London’s railway transport news

A weekly round-up of London's rail transport news...

X4rNWOh4 Ticket Alert: A Pint of Science

In just over a week's time there will be a range of science talks, all taking place in pubs across London.

IMG_0974--tojpeg_1461244195022_x2 Horseless Carriages return to site of first London motor show after 120 years

London's first car show is to be recreated at its birthplace, 120 years after the inaugural event.

Shakespeare's Tube Map cropped image-1 To tube, or not to tube, that is the question

Whether 'tis Nobler in the mind to suffer the Slings and Arrows of outrageous Travel disruptions, or take Arms against a Sea of commuters.

Watkins-2 Unbuilt London: Covering London in a Glass Dome

Exactly 200 years ago, the architect of the Crystal Palace proposed a grand scheme that would have seen the centre of London roofed over with a huge glass dome.

static1.squarespace.com Flying boats to return to London

A company which operates flying boats in Scotland has announced plans to operate out of one of London's smaller airports, and land in an Essex river.

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