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Devon threatened by a Hurricane?

In the annals of weird news headlines, “Devon braces as irritable Ike turns his eye toward Gulf” might make you think of the English county – and not a US based oil drilling firm. I know I did. http://www.journalrecord.com/article.cfm?recid=91961

Don’t go shopping in Rockhampton, Australia

It’s a dangerous place is Rockhampton, Australia. Mon – Car damaged in supermarket car park Tue – Shopping trolley rage leaves woman in fear of shopping Wed – Public split on trolley rage incident I can’t wait for tomorrows edition

Over half million stranded at China train station

A report on Reuters makes me wonder if British Rail (or whatever they are called this week) are not quite as incompetent as we tend to think they are. Over half a million passengers could be left stranded at a

A Bus May Land on My Head

A report in the Washington Post, citing unnamed government sources is claiming that a US spy satellite has lost control and is on an uncontrolled crash path back to earth. The controllers apparently have no way to tell at the

An Egyptian God pays a visit to my flat

A slightly freaky sight this morning. Following an accident last night with the cooking and a bad case of negligence on my part, quite a bit of muck was on the hob – so I applied a liberal coating of

Happy (or is that Merry?) PLGA Week!

The Indian People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) wishes to send you kind felicitations on the second day of their annual week of action. As is traditional during the festivities of “PLGA Week” – people in the affected regions of India

The tale of London’s attempt to build an “Eiffel Tower”

One hundred years ago, a huge explosion was heard in Wembley, Nth London – by the site of the modern day soccer stadium. It wasn’t an accident though, but a the final death throws of an ill-fated attempt to give

At last – a sensible use for The Bible

Tired of all that sanctimonious crap inside The Bible ? Replace it with something vastly more interesting instead then…. Via The Green Head The Good Book Flask is the ultimate place to stash your booze. On the outside, it appears

CCTV’s cause UK’s Obesity epidemic

Consider two seemingly unrelated issues: A combination of CCTVs, biometrics, databases and tracking technologies has resulted in Britain becoming the most spied on nation in the world, according to a government privacy watchdog. http://www.zeenews.com/znnew/articles.asp?aid=333302&ssid=204&sid=LIF and…. British health officials claim obesity

Samsung’s new mobile phone concept?

Samsung has partnered with Korea University to develop a machine-gun equipped sentry robot, which consists of “two cameras: one for day-time and one for infrared night vision, zooming capabilities, a speaker for notifying the intruder, sophisticated pattern recognition to detect

Website Explains How To Make A Nuclear Bomb

The US government posted on the Internet Iraqi documents that explain how to build a nuclear bomb, the New York Times reported on its website. The Times said that officials from the International Atomic Energy Agency had complained to US

Witches are not grisly old hags…

…says, a grisly old hag. Laurie Cabot is a proud witch, and she’s fighting for her civil rights. In between psychic readings and running a shop that sells everything a witch needs to get started, Cabot is mailing letters to

The OXO cube diet

A Cornwall man has lost 101kg in a year on a diet of Oxo cubes. Stephen Kay, 39, swapped fry-ups, pies, pasties and pints of lager for three bowls of hot broth a day. Within 12 months he had slimmed

The Irish are vampires

This caught my attention: Two Irishmen have set up a business selling dirt to nostalgic Irish Americans who want a handful of “the mother country” on their graves. “The demand has been absolutely phenomenal,” Burke, an agricultural scientist from County