Plans to stop websites linking to each other pose dire threat to websites

A proposal before politicians on Wednesday could have a chilling impact on how websites are allowed to link to each other.

Exhibition: At Last! Votes for Women

In this 100th anniversary of the right to vote for women in elections, there’s a number of exhibitions, and a small one can be found in the LSE Library just off Holborn.

A discourse on the EU referendum – Part 2

So, four months after it was announced, and now just four days to the final vote, will the UK (and Gibraltar) vote to stay in, or leave the EU.

A discourse on the EU referendum

So the referendum on whether we stay or leave the European Union has been set, and giving us four months of unremitting commentary from both sides as to why we should vote their way.

Brian Haw’s protest camp inside the Museum of London

One of the enduring images of the Blair government was a lone man protesting outside Parliament in a tent — and now some of that protest has come to the Museum of London.

MPs mistaking arms for anus

Our elected masters are often accused of talking out of their bums, and indeed, often talk about bums when debating sexual offenses — but it seems that the official record of their debates, at Hansard can often mistakes arms for bums.

A history of the London Mayor — in cartoons

The office of London Mayor maybe fairly young — by British standards — but it has spawned a huge array of satirical cartoons about the two mayors we have so far elected.

Do political website designs match their politics?

How left leaning is the new Tory website? Does Labour’s website have right leaning views? Is the BNP actually leftist?

Are rail improvements in London driving regional job creation?

A report was released earlier today to widespread commentary about the state of the UK’s cities, and the effect that London has on the UK economy.

20th Anniversary of the BNP victory in Docklands

Twenty-years ago, people were waking up to news of a momentous event in British politics. The previous day, a small by-election had taken place on the Isle of Dogs, and for the very first time ever, a member of the British Nationalist Party had won an election.

A look at the secular enclave within Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey, that mighty bastion of religion has an alien invader amongst its midst, a couple of buildings that were nominally religious, but have spent the past 800 years performing more secular duties.

The British Library explores the dark arts of Propaganda

A new exhibition has opened at the British Library that looks at the art and effect of Propaganda as perpetuated by governments across the world. We all know what propaganda is though – don’t we?

A brief history of Marriage

The ancient institution of marriage is proving to be a major issue of contention at the moment, with various accusations that it is under threat, that ancient traditions may be overturned and that the skies will bleed blood (maybe). However,

Vote for the Parliamentary Foam Party

Much has been written and watched about yesterday’s incident in Portcullis House when a self-described comedian and now ex-member of the Labour Party and UK Uncut decided to divert the entire media attention away from what was being said by

A Murdoch’s Progress

With apologies to William Hogarth… 1. The Heir Our hero, Rupert Murdoch is introduced after inheriting the business from his father. Rupert is pictured in the house which shows the various newspapers he owns scattered around the place. 2. The

Donating art to the nation – avoiding tax

If you are the sort of person who has large tax bills and also owns rather nice lumps of art or other “significant” objects, then the government is proposing let people donate that item to the Nation in exchange for

Art and architecture tours of Portcullis House

Not sure how long they have been doing these, as I haven’t seen it before, but it turns out that there now are twice monthly tours of the new Parliament Building, Portcullis House. To be fair, I don’t look at

The Queen makes a declaration

Some people dislike pomp and pageantry, while I personally quite like it – and although most of the ceremonies we see today are rarely more than a hundred years or so in date, within law, the pompous language is truly