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Foggy morning in a cemetery

It’s a foggy Halloween morning, so where better than to spend it wandering around a graveyard?

Photos of empty London on Christmas Morning

Taking photos of a deserted city is almost a tradition for me, and one I had almost not intended to partake in this year, but the temptation proved too alluring.

Museum visitors have poorer memory if they take photos of exhibits

A study has claimed that people who take photos of exhibits in museums or galleries have a worse memory about their visit than those who walk around without a camera.

Overnight Rehearsal of the Lord Mayor’s Show

In the early hours of the morning, the silent streets of the City of London were disturbed by the sound of horse and carriage, as the City rehearsed its annual pageant ahead of this weekend’s Lord Mayor’s Show.

Wildlife Photography at the Natural History Museum

As someone who takes a fair amount of photos for this blog, I have a tendency to wander around places snapping away like mad at anything and everything that looks vaguely interesting, then getting home and working out which of the 600 photos are any good.

A Combine Harvester is outside St Paul’s Cathedral today

If you wander past St Paul’s Cathedral today you might be in for a bit of a surprise, as there is display of rather large farming equipment on the cobbled stone forecourt.

Photos – A submarine is visiting Canary Wharf

For the next few days, a very rare sight can be seen in Canary Wharf – a submarine.

Large cargo ship passing through Tower Bridge on Friday morning

Something unusual tomorrow morning, a large cargo ship is to pass through Tower Bridge for a ceremonial naming event. It’s fairly rare for large cargo ships to pass through the Bridge now, save for the City of London’s waste containers

Photos – Fireworks by Parliament

Last night, as anyone who subscribes to my weekly newsletter would have known, a firework display took place by the Millbank Tower in Westminster. Not knowing if this would be a tiddly display on a barge, or a gigantic display

Tower Bridge Fireworks – Photos

If you watched the last moments of the Paralympics closing ceremony last night when the fireworks went off at Stratford, you might have seen a short clip of a small display happening at Tower Bridge as well. That was one

How Green Was Our Olympic Park

When London’s bid for the 2012 Olympics was presented, part of the arguments would be centered on its eco-credentials. It would be a public transport based Olympics, energy would be renewable. Well, some of it would be. …and the Olympic

Photos of the (almost) deserted Olympic Park

A sight that the Olympics organisers hope to never see is an empty Olympic Park, but for me it was too good a chance to miss. I took a gamble which involved getting to a smaller gate on the opposite