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IanVisits is 10 years old today

Ten years ago today, a blog was born, blinking into the real world from its digital gestation - IanVisits was born.

Minor change to the website

Ever since I started this website, I haven’t really had what we would call a “homepage”. Anyone visiting the root domain of “” got automatically redirected, originally to the blog, and now to the events listings page. Frankly, that is

Back to Barts

It’s been four years since I quite literally staggered out of Barts hospital on walking sticks, having spent a month there recovering  from an uncomfortably close dalliance with Death. Annoyingly I am still not absolutely back to where I was

Auditory Processing Disorder

Over the past year, I have been going through a painfully slow process of having tests and results to try and find out what is wrong with my hearing. I seem to suffer the inverse of “cocktail party syndrome” and