All the news from London’s museums

Free Showing of War of the Worlds (1953) on the big screen

Ask Hollywood to turn an English novel into a movie, and the first thing they’ll do is move the setting to the USA and make sure the heroes are Americans. That said, considered to be one of the great science

Win a Moquette covered chair

Thanks to a birthday gift voucher from my flatmate, I was in the Transport Museum’s shop the other day picking up some goodies, including a moquette design tea towel – which it turns out isn’t that effective in its tea

Peering inside NASA’s Apollo 10 Command Module

In a Science Museum gallery next to, but not in the space gallery, is a relic of the Space Race, the command module used in the Apollo 10 mission to to the moon. That was the final test run before

Vintage trains running on the London Underground

It has been announced that the Transport Museum’s dinky little red 1938 era tube train, and the older, and rather larger electric locomotive, Sarah Siddons will be running special journeys on Sunday 11th September between Harrow-on-the-Hill, Rickmansworth and Amersham. The

Dr Who in Comics – an exhibition

Dr Who has spawned more than a couple of films, tv spin-off series and gaudy trinkets for collectors – it also created an entire separate storyline in the form of the comic magazine.

London Fire Brigade Museum – Open Day

With frustratingly short notice – the London Fire Brigade has announced that it will open its museum this coming Friday to anyone who just wants to turn up and have a look. The museum is one of those places that

Standing inside a London Ice Well

In the days before the domestic refrigerator, how would the average household keep their food cool to store it? Well, the blunt answer is that the vast majority of houses didn’t – food was stored warm, and meats were preserved

Geek Overload at the Transport Museum

What happens when you collect together 1950s comics and science magazines, acoustic modems, 5.25-inch floppy disks, a Sinclair C5 and a Commodore C64? You have a correspondent getting misted up with nostalgia. The Transport Museum in Covent Garden has put

Vintage tube train trip – timetable published

You may recall that the little red 1938 era tube train is going to take a trip along the Picadilly Line this coming Sunday – well, actually three trips in total, to run down to Heathrow Airport. The timetable has

World’s largest Steampunk exhibition visits London

What is said to be the largest exhibition of Steampunk art, craft and engineering in the world has come to London for the next few months and goes on display surrounded by real Victorian steam engineering at the Kew Bridge

Ride in a vintage tube train to Heathrow Airport

Just announced by the Transport Museum is a trip that is bound to excite a lot of people – a chance to take a trip in the museum’s 1938 art-deco style tube train down to Heathrow Airport. This is the

Have you been to the new Grant Museum yet?

If not, then tomorrow night (Tues 24th May) is as good an opportunity as any as they are hosting one of their more “light hearted” lectures which will unveil what it is like for a conservationist to go trekking through

Bloggers Triumphant at the Hunterian Museum

Last night a small gang of London Bloggers strutted their stuff at the wondrous Hunterian Museum after winning its inaugural Museums at Night quiz. Themed around Lost London, the topic of their current exhibition, the quiz was organised by [email protected]

The Thames at the London Transport Museum

The Transport Museum in Covent Garden may conjure up images of old trams, buses and tube trains, but probably not the River Thames, even though it had been the main transport artery through London for most of the City’s life.

Special tube train tour next month on the Underground

Quite exciting, in a tube geek sort of way, for next month one of the last 1967 era Victoria Line trains will take a special trip around the tube network to mark the end of those trains in service. You

Watt gets a dedicated display in the Science Museum?

Watt gets a dedicated display in the Science Museum! I don’t know, what gets a dedicated display in the Science Museum? Yes, Watt does. I don’t know, what gets a display? Argh! OK – silly and very obvious joke aside

Fancy a trip to Acton this weekend?

This weekend will mark the occasional opening of the Transport Museum’s overflow warehouse out in darkest Acton, and if you haven’t been, then it is worth a trip. To the depot that is, not Acton. Basically a former train shed

Last chance to visit the Greenwich Observatory for Free

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, and more recently by other commentators, in a couple of weeks time, a large chunk of the Greenwich Observatory will be off-limits to those who do not posses the fiscal ability to