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London’s Transport Museum gains a “Royal Train”

According to this week’s issue of The Railway Herald, the London Transport Museum has gained a mundane, yet also quite special tube train to add to its collection at the Acton Depot. The train is a bulk-standard 1967 stock train

A museum for the Emergency Services?

Reading this morning that the hanger sized grey monolith that will become the media centre for the Olympic games in 2012 faces an uncertain future got me pondering an idea I had some time ago. On my visit to the

Natural History Museum jumps onto the “late night” bandwagon

The notification arrived FAR too late to have been included in my events newsletter, but the Natural History Museum is having an adults-only late night opening this coming Friday, where children will be banished to wherever it is that children

Take a trip in a 1938 tube train
Take a trip in a 1938 tube train

Unexpected – as the poor thing has been rather ill recently – but the lovingly restored 1938 era tube train will be taking trips along the tube network in a couple of weeks time, and you can be on it.

Visiting Roman ruins hidden under a London street

Hidden away from sight in a side room next to an underground car park is one of the more important remains of the old London Wall that actually dates from before the wall was built. When the Romans first started

A whole week of Subterranean London events

Fancy a week (well, almost) of events about the mysteries that lurk unseen under the streets of London? Sadly, mainly limited to talking about what is down there rather than actually visiting the places, the talks will still be of

Last chance to visit London’s Grant Museum before it closes

Tomorrow (Wed 30th June) marks the final day for the Grant Museum in its ancestral home before it closes down. The Grant Museum is the only remaining university zoological museum in London. It houses around 62,000 specimens, covering the whole

She who must be obeyed

Last night while various London notables were over at the Museum of London celebrating the launch of their new gallery, I was in a somewhat older museum sitting on hard plastic seats watching a DVD film. As part of their

Dr Who, Ancient Egyptians and a Glass of Wine

Suggest an evening that involves wandering round an old fashioned museum with a glass of wine and I am probably already interested – but throw in allusions to Dr Who and various other science fiction shows and we have a

Vintage Motor Cars at the RAF Museum

If you are an auction house wanting to sell large items – such as maybe, a collection of cars, then you need somewhere to put them on display. A large shed is ideal – and if it contains an equally

Walking though Brunel’s Tunnel under the Thames

Yesterday, along with several hundred other equally excited people during the day, I finally got a chance to walk along a bit of train tunnel – yes the infamous Brunel Thames Tunnel that had been the topic of much news

Port tasting event

As part of an occasional series of tastings of drinks that achieved their heyday in the 18th century, the Foundling Museum will be hosting an evening of port tastings in March. Their gin tasting event last November was great fun,

Chance to visit the Kingsway Subway tunnels

Some years ago, I cam within a whiskers length of getting a tour of the Kingsway subway tunnel that runs near to Holborn in central London, and is now largely used as a storage box by the local council. Sadly,

London Open House Weekend – The Thames Tunnel
London Open House Weekend – The Thames Tunnel

Lurking not too far from where I live is a subterranean marvel that is considered to be one of the most important locations in engineering history. I am referring to the currently closed off East London Line railway – for

A talk by Tim Berners-Lee at the Science Museum

Many conferences are presented by a speaker who then has a moderately sized screen upon which the ubiquitous, and often quite boring PowerPoint slides are projected. To go to a cinema and watch a bunch of PowerPoint slides being projected

Science and media disconnect? Maybe not, says a new study

An interesting report has wafted my way on the topic of science and interacting with the general public, although the report was actually more about scientists talking to journalists who then write stuff that the general public read. It was

Friday evening trip on the 1938 tube train?
Friday evening trip on the 1938 tube train?

Another outing for the iconic restored 1938 tube train – this time on a Friday evening along the District line. This weekend (29th/30th Aug) the Upminster depot is open to the public for its 50th anniversary, and the 1938 train

Heritage Train Trip to the Disused Platforms at Charing Cross

Today was the highly anticipated 1938 tube train run along the modern Jubilee Line extension, and a rare chance to visit the disused platforms at Charing Cross station. Although I have been on the train several times – the last

All the Kings men: Henry VIII and the Barber Surgeons

I am advised, by such persons who advise me of these things, that a chance to look at a rarely seen painting is on offer this month. I won’t pretend that I am the most cultured sort when it comes

Take the 1938 Tube Train to the Disused Charing Cross Platforms
Take the 1938 Tube Train to the Disused Charing Cross Platforms

How about this – a chance to take the tube to the closed Charing Cross tube station – and not just any tube train, but the heritage 1938 stock. Just had an email from TfL letting me know that there

Another trip on a 1938 Tube Train

Busy weekend, but culminated with a trip on a restored 1938 tube train running along the Northern Line, probably for the very last time, as new signalling work later this year will make it impossible to run old trains along

Visiting the London Fire Brigade Museum

Earlier this afternoon, I wandered over to Southwark for a genuinely rare treat – a general open day at the London Fire Brigade Museum. By coincidence, just as I arrived, I spied Caroline of Caroline’s Miscellany coming out, so it

Win a trip to Mexico

The Victoria & Albert Museum have just sent out their May highlights email which headlines with: Celebrate Baroque and win a trip to Mexico I suspect the number of entries to be low, and hence my chance of winning to

Carnal lectures of the sins of the flesh

While updating the events diary, came across this rather interesting series of spring time lectures from the The Royal College of Surgeons of England – which need pre-booking in advance, so worth highlighting on the blog. The evening lectures brings