All the news from London’s museums

New art on display inside old museums

Two of the UCL museums in central London have both launched art exhibitions where the art is scattered amongst their more formal exhibits.

Walking through a Tunnel under the Thames — Part 2

A rare confluence of events lead to a remarkable opportunity this weekend as 4,000 people were able to walk through the world’s first underwater tunnel.

Rare photograph of London in 1845 gets first ever public display

A new exhibition opens next month at the Museum of London Docklands that offers a chance to see a rare photograph of a long lost bridge over the Thames.

Petrie Museum putting 3D-scans of ancient Egyptian objects online

The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, that delightfully dusty museum in Bloomsbury has entered the modern age with a new 3D graphics library.

Dr Who and Thunderbirds are Go at the RAF Museum!

In the ye olde days before computer CGI ruined everything, science fiction was noted for its use of plastic, wood and dubious plotlines.

A chance to walk through the Thames Railway Tunnel

This coming May Bank Holiday will offer an exceptionally rare opportunity to walk through Brunel’s original tunnel under the Thames.

A new gallery opens at the British Museum

The British Museum has been refurbishing one of its galleries, and it has just opened to the public. Away with the tired old carpets and the gloomy oppressive cabinets cluttered up with as much as possible.

London Street Views from 1840

Long before Google drove around in camera wielding cars, or Charles Booth’s poverty mapping, or Phyllis Pearsall (didn’t) walk the streets of London, there was John Tallis.

Take a “Farewell Tour” around the Tube Network

London Underground will be running one of their farewell tours that they have been organising whenever a train model goes out of service.

Open days at the Transport Museum’s overflow warehouse

Next weekend will mark the occasional opening of the Transport Museum’s overflow warehouse out in darkest Acton, and if you haven’t been, then it is worth a trip.

Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story

What would a timeline though a million years of the history of Britain look like? Well, mostly ice, and mostly not Britain, thanks to the vagaries of climate changes over the aeon.

War! What is it Good for? Exhibitions! That’s What!

Such is the theme of a display at the Museum of Childhood that asks in that hang-wringing angst way that this particular museum is particularly skilled at — should children play at war?

Quirky Posters depicting London’s Mysteries

A rather fun exhibition has opened inside London’s Transport Museum where artists have taken curiosities of London as their theme for a possible future poster design

Charles Darwin’s head to be eaten by a colony of ants

A series of sculptures created using robotics, live insects and crochet are being put on display in a new exhibition based around Charles Darwin’s face.

Chance to go inside a disused tube station

Of the closed tube stations that litter the London Underground, two top the list of stations that people want to visit.

Chance to help clean a rusting WW2 German bomber

Anyone with an interest in military history, or probably history in general will be aware that last year the RAF Museum recovered the only known intact Dornier Do 17 bomber that had managed to crash land upside down just off the coast of Kent.

Pigeon shit as jewellery

If someone issued a commission to jewellers to come up with something that says “London” to the viewer, I am sure we would be inundated with a swathe of humdrum tourist snaps and stereotypes.

Cheap tickets to see the Cheapside Hoard

A date for your diaries, albeit likely to be a very busy day as the Museum of London is having one of its occasional “pay what you can” days for its major exhibitions.