All the news from London’s museums

Emperor Maximilian’s triumphal arch at the British Museum

A massive triumphal arch is on display in the British Museum at the moment, but unlike the grand stone arches dotted around Imperial cities, this one is made of paper.

Witches at the British Museum

As we approach Halloween, the British Museum has put on an exhibition of witches and wicked bodies as shown throughout history.

Museum Meals – The British Museum

Popping into the British Museum to have a look at a new exhibition and feeling peckish, I considered which of two options could be tried out. The main restaurant, or the canteen style offerings that fill the back end of the Great Court.

The endless fascination with Sherlock Holmes at the Museum of London

Sherrinford Holmes was a great detective whose exploits have thrilled millions of people for nearly 130 years. Or at least, that is what nearly happened, as Serrinford Holmes was the original, if unused name for the more famous Sherlock Holmes.

One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing

Mark a date in your diaries for one of the greatest movies ever made will make a rare return to the big screen next month.

Museum Meals – The Geffrye

It’s not often that you have to walk past a dozen other people’s dining rooms in order to have your own lunch, unless you work in a hotel, but that is how the Geffrye museum is laid out.

Museum Meals – Horniman

One of South London’s major cultural hubs is the legacy of the English obsession with a cup of tea although today it is probably more famous for a very badly stuffed walrus.

World’s oldest clock museum to move home

The world’s oldest clock museum has closed to the public — because it is about to move home.

Modern shabtis in ancient settings – for one day only

Dotted around a museum filled with ancient Egyptian relics can be found a very modern take on an ancient religious art form. Ancient Egyptian shabtis were figures placed in tombs, to work for the deceased in the afterlife, but the

Museum Meals – Museum of London

The venue has two cafes, one small tea&cake venue at the end of the main tour around the building, and another slightly grander affair right next to the main entrance.

Museum Meals – London Transport Museum

This museum cafe is probably one of the most instagram’d cafe’s in London, for its cappuccino coffees are famous for the tube roundel they use as a stencil for the chocolate dressing.

The mathematical secrets of The Simpsons and Futurama

If you are a Simspons (and/or Futurama) fan, then the Science Museum is laying on an event that may appeal.

Science Museum to Open New Communications Gallery

This October, the Science Museum will launch what it says will be the first permanent gallery in the UK dedicated to the history of information and communication technologies.

This Friday — visit the Clown’s Museum in Dalston

For a good many years, once a month, the clowns come out to play, but not any more. A church they played in has turned into a school, so the clowns are in a side room.

Seagulls on the roof of the British Museum

A bizarre sight at the weekend as a load of seagulls seem to have taken a liking to the front part of the British Museum’s glass roof.

The fragment of London’s Roman Wall hidden in a car park

Dotted around London can be found various remnants of the original Roman Wall that once encircled it, yet one fragment is rarely seen, despite being in full view of those who know where to find it.

Old and modern photos of London Bridges – blended

The Museum of London Docklands has released some hybrid photographs showing ‘then and now’ views of London and its most iconic bridges across the ages.

Just two more dates to visit the Kirkaldy Testing Museum

A small rarely opened museum filled with a huge Victorian testing machine has secured a 2 month extension on its lease offering potentially just a few more chances to visit.