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Support a London museum in 2020

London’s museums and galleries are now delightfully reopening now following their lockdown, but are also suffering the serious financial impact of the lockdown. Even the museums that are free to visit rely heavily on paid exhibitions which are now either

The new socially distanced British Museum

The British Museum reopened last week, as society slowly returns to some semblance of normality.

Now is the best time for Londoners to visit museums and galleries

It may be an odd thing to say with all the hassles of going out, but right now is absolutely the best time to visit those places you keep meaning to visit but never get around to.

Social distancing signs in museums and galleries

Throughout the land, a new aesthetic has appeared – the social distancing sign – and London’s venues have been busy designing them for the day their doors reopened.

Museums of London and Docklands to reopen next month

The joint Museum of London and Museum of London Docklands has announced that they will be reopening their doors at both venues on Thursday 6th August.

Museums visitor numbers jumped – last year

They’ve been closed for months, and are staggering towards limited openings, but museums and galleries have a lot of pent up demand to visit — if there are good exhibitions to see.

Hampton Court Palace reopens to the public

Although some of the gardens are already open, the main buildings at Hampton Court Palace remained closed, until now.

Charles Dickens Museum reopens with a new exhibition

The museum inside Charles Dickens London home is reopening after its virus lockdown, with a new exhibition that will include eight newly colourised portraits.

London’s museums and galleries reopening dates

Slowly life returns to London’s cultural landscape as museums and galleries wake from their virus imposed slumber and prepare to welcome visitors again.

An A-Z of London’s fashion alphabet

The Museum of London has created a new page on their website, bringing together 26 short videos all about London fashion.

Museum of London’s pandemic exhibition goes online

A couple of years ago, a prophetic exhibition about pandemics was held at the Museum of London, and now they’ve put it online.

Photos of London’s docks during WW2

On the eve of the 75th anniversary of VE Day, the Museum of London Docklands has released some photos from its archive that show the devastating impact of WW2 on the area.

The Museum of London’s new home – past, present and future

Images have been released showing the proposed new home for the Museum of London in Smithfield, near Farringdon station.

British Museum makes 1.9 million images available for free

The British Museum has revamped its online collections database, making over 1.9 million photos of its collection available for free online under a Creative Commons license.

Collecting Coronavirus – the Museum of London wants your memories

The Museum of London is seeking to collect both objects and first-hand experiences to reflect Londoners’ lives during these dark days, in order to keep a record and to ensure future generations

Who wants a tube roundel coffee table?

This is a limited edition coffee table from the London Transport Museum which will be going on sale in July, although you can pre-order it now.

London Transport Museum’s depot goes online

The London Transport Museum’s overflow depot in Acton is only open a few weekends each year – but with the lockdown in place – they’re going online instead.

Take a drivers eye trip along the Mail Rail

While the Postal Museum is closed to the public, they’ve put a video of a trip down the mail rail tunnels on their website.