Museum Meals

Museum Meals

Museum Meals: Eltham Palace

When visiting a posh home/old castle combo, it seems fitting to dine locally, in their back garden greenhouse.

Museum Meals: London Transport Museum

Covent Garden isn’t short of places to eat, but a new one has arrived in the revamped Transport Museum cafe/bar, Canteen.

Museum Meals – Charles Dickens Museum

At the back of a row of posh terraced houses in Bloomsbury is a small comfortable cafe – inside the Charles Dickens Museum.

Museum Meals: The Charterhouse

Sitting outside, but next to the museum, the newish museum inside the ancient Charterhouse on the edge of the city has turned a Georgian home into its new cafe.

Museum Meals – Barbican Foyer Cafe

The Barbican has almost as many food establishments as it has concert halls and galleries, so which to choose from.

Museum Meals – The Electric Railway Museum

On the outskirts of Coventry is a railway museum that contains a small cafe, inside an old railway carriage.

Museum Meals – Imperial War Museum

On the weekend that the new Museum of the Mind opened at Bethlem Hospital in south London, I wandered over to its former home in Lambeth for a bite of lunch.

Museum Meals – V&A Museum of Childhood

What was once the V&A’s regional outpost in the east of London has a newish display on at the moment, and as I was sort-of local, popped over for a look and a nibble.

Museum Meals – National Maritime Museum

I was in Greenwich for an event taking place later that afternoon, so why not pop into the newish extension to the Maritime Museum for a bit of lunch while I waited.

Museum Meals – Wellcome Collection

A first museum meal of the new year and as with all new-year resolutions, time for something annoyingly healthy to offset the excesses of the past month.

Museum Meals – The Southbank Centre

At the moment, the Southbank Center has a semi-permanent display about the history of the 1951 Festival of Britain, which sort of makes at least one small corner of the estate, a museum for my purposes.

Museum Meals – Museum of London Docklands

A fashion writer once told a distraught writer who couldn’t think of anything nice to say when he had been told to be praiseworthy, was that there is always a shoe. In essence, find one small thing that was good, and enlarge on it.

Museum Meals – Science Museum

A new gallery opened recently in the Science Museum, and a week after Her Majesty sent her first tweet, I wandered in to have a look as well.

Museum Meals – Westminster Cathedral

Is a church, or a cathedral also a museum? You could look at many of them as historic buildings, and I often delight in their history and decoration, but they are also (usually) living places of worship.

Museum Meals – The British Museum

Popping into the British Museum to have a look at a new exhibition and feeling peckish, I considered which of two options could be tried out. The main restaurant, or the canteen style offerings that fill the back end of the Great Court.

Museum Meals – The Jewel Tower

In a small grassy depression directly opposite the Houses of Parliament can be found a small stone tower, which happens to be a 14th century building that is open to the public as a small museum.

Museum Meals – The Geffrye

It’s not often that you have to walk past a dozen other people’s dining rooms in order to have your own lunch, unless you work in a hotel, but that is how the Geffrye museum is laid out.

Museum Meals – Horniman

One of South London’s major cultural hubs is the legacy of the English obsession with a cup of tea although today it is probably more famous for a very badly stuffed walrus.