Londons Pocket Parks

London’s Pocket Parks: St Dunstan-in-the-West Burial Ground, EC4

This small but rather neat pocket park is exceptionally well hidden squeezed between buildings on a quiet back street in the City of London.

London’s Pocket Parks: Ewer Street rain garden, SE1

This is probably one of the smallest pocket parks I’ve written about, a narrow strip of raised bedding on a side street in Southwark.

London’s Pocket Parks: King George’s Fields, Rotherhithe

This is one of many of the King George Fields that can be found across London, and the UK.

London’s Pocket Parks: Barton Green, KT3

This rather municipal looking open space in the middle of a housing estate has a remarkable story — it’s named after a holder of the Victoria Cross.

Roof garden at 120 Fenchurch Street to remain open at weekends

When the City’s largest roof garden opened a year ago, it was to be kept open in the evenings, and for a trial period, at weekends.

London’s Pocket Parks: Royal Victoria Gardens, E16

This decent sized municipal park in east London was once owned by distant Westminster Abbey, if you go back far enough.

London’s Pocket Parks: Gallions Hill and Reach Park, SE28

This riverside park features a tall man made mound surrounded by a cluster of barrows offering views across south-east London.

London’s Pocket Parks: Hatfields Green, SE1

This small side street park is an interesting park that was recently refurbished into its current rather bubbly appearance.

London’s Pocket Parks: Cremorne Gardens, SW10

This otherwise fairly ordinary local park is a lingering relic of a grand Victorian pleasure garden that stretched all the way from the river to King’s Road.

London’s Pocket Parks: Ropers Gardens, SW3

This sunken 1960s style garden exists thanks in part to the diligence of German bombers, but also a Tudor wedding.

London’s Pocket Parks: Bassishaw Highwalk, EC2

This is an elevated pocket park next to London Wall that’s both open to visit, but sufficiently off the obvious routes so hardly known.

London’s Pocket Parks: St Vedast Alias Foster, EC2

Hidden behind a blue door lies one of London’s most charming little pocket parks.

London’s Pocket Parks: Khadija’s Garden, N1

When out for a walk, I often take photos of things then research them when I get home. Here is a pocket park that I was to learn comes with a tragic ending.

London’s Pocket Parks: Alf Barrett Playground

Ever engage in a bit of quick research thinking this wont be difficult and an hour later am screaming at how little seems to be known about it. That’s this pocket park.

London’s Pocket Parks: Wellington Park, SE18

Inside the grounds of the once secretive military arsenal at Woolwich can be found a formal gardens of a park named after the Duke of Wellington.

London’s Pocket Parks: Paradise Gardens, E2

This thin strip of land next to the busy roads of Bethnal Green is the rather inappropriately named Paradise Gardens.

London’s Pocket Parks, Bernays Gardens, HA7

Hidden behind a high way away from the main town centre is a garden that sits on the site of an old Manor House.

London’s Pocket Parks: St Augustine Papey, EC3

This particular pocket park is so pocket and so unparklike that it almost scorns the title — yet it could be so much better.