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London’s Public Art: Bethnal Green’s Portrait Bench

Three rusting steel figures in silhouette stand mute watching people jogging past who barely glimpse at them.

London Public Art: Evidence of the Unseen Mountain

This is a piece of art hidden away on a quiet residential street in Chelsea that you are not going to stumble upon, unless your the sort of person who goes wandering around quiet residential streets looking for things to stumble upon.

London’s Public Art: Allen Jones Aerobic

East London has a very large, yet very easy to miss sculpture in full view of people who shouldn’t look at it.

Final two artworks announced for the Crossrail project

Two artists have been commissioned to install new sculptures outside the new Liverpool Street Elizabeth line station. Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama will create her first permanent UK installation at Broadgate, while the British artist Conrad Shawcross will create a bronze

London Public Art: Man with Arms Open

An unusual work of art in that the title for the art is written in plain English and clearly describes what you are looking at, which undoubtedly, is a man with arms open.

London Public Art: Statue of James Greathead

This may look like a typical bit of military history on a plinth, as seen in many places around London, but in fact it’s London Underground heritage being celebrated here.

London Public Art – Landed by Les Johnson

This recent sculpture was erected in 2009 as a tribute to the history of the people who worked in the Royal Docks and their families from 1855 to 1983.

London Public Art – Bellerophon Taming Pegasus

This is the last work of art by Jacques Lipchitz, depicting Bellerophon and Pegasus. It was the final sculpture worked on by Lipchitz, and was completed after his death in 1973.

See the Paradigm outside St Pancras station

Head out of St Pancras station by the Thameslink exit, and facing you will be a monumental tower of weathered steel — this is Paradigm by Conrad Shawcross.

See Mayfair’s little noticed Lutyens Sculpture

On a side street in posh Mayfair is a work of art in remembrance of an architect who is a significant figure in the architecture of Imperial New Delhi.

Trees and birds shine through the grime under the Marylebone Flyover

A small forest of trees and woodland animals have appeared under the polluted and noisy Marylebone Flyover, as a work of art.

Have you noticed the unusual stone benches outside Euston Station?

Thousands of people sit on them with barely a glance, but outside Euston station are four works of geological art, hidden in plain sight as a set of benches.

A fountain of glass

Just over 50 years ago, one of the City of London’s first displays of contemporary art went on public display — as a glass fountain.

Massive bronze Polo sculptures sitting in Docklands

On the opposite side of the docks from the City Airport can be found a remnant of London 2012 artistic endeavours, in the form of a large set of bronze sculptures.