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London Public Art: Shadwell DLR’s bike shed

A bike shed next to Shadwell DLR is an unlikely site for a piece of public art in London.

London Public Art: Statue of Captain John Smith

There’s a statue of a man in the City of London who is famous in the USA, and little remembered in the UK, but his statue is here, in London.

London Public Art: The Whitechapel Threads

In the middle of a wide avenue by Shoreditch station stands three ropes threaded and frozen in space.

Refugees as art in Spitalfields

A wooden boat that once raced across the waves stands frozen in time carrying passengers who never arrive.

The tube station with a sheet of iron from a warship

There’s a tube station with a relatively little used staircase, and at the top, standing proud is a massive slab of rusted iron — from a warship.

London’s Public Art: Mary Seacole Statue, SE1

What is believed to be the first statue in the UK to a named black woman stands in the grounds of St Thomas’ Hospital overlooking the Houses of Parliament.

London Public Art: Union – Horse with Two Discs

This is a piece of art outside the Museum of London that shows a horse surrounded by two discs, unsurprisingly, called Union – Horse with Two Discs.

London Public Art: The Cordwainer

The bronze statue of a shoe maker can be found on a side street in the City of London in memory of those who worked in the area during medieval times.

London Public Art: Modern Marriage

A giant white disembodied foot can be found in the gardens next to the US Embassy in Nine Elms.

London public art: King Edward VI

This rather weather-worn statue of King Edward VI sits somewhat uncomfortably outside the municipal tiled wall of St Thomas Hospital.

London Public Art: Leake Street, SE1

An ever changing brick canvas is the hallmark of this famous railway arch that is now one of the top spots for street art and legal graffiti.

London Public Art: SOE Memorial

A stone plinth with the striking bust of a young lady staring impassively across the Thames towards Parliament, this is the memorial to those who died in secret operations during WW2.

London Public Art: Monument to the Unknown Artist

There is a rather ungainly statue on a plinth outside the back of the Tate Modern that is in celebration of all the artists who will never make it into the hallowed art galleries of London. Holding a paintbrush in

London Public Art: Woman with Fish by Frank Dobson

This sculpture at the bottom of the Isle of Dogs is a modern replica of a work of public art that used to sit outside the Cleveland Estate of council housing in Whitechapel.

London Public Art: The Paternoster Vents

These massive stainless steel sculptural artworks near St Paul’s Cathedral are both art and function – for they are also ventilation shafts for an electricity substation in the basement underneath.

London Public Art: The flowering of the English baroque

This rather modern looking sculpture is actually a memorial, or celebration if you prefer, unveiled on the 300th anniversary of the death of the composer, Henry Purcell.

London’s Public Art: Chromorama

A tall column stands impossibly slender on a side street, solid blocks of colour stand out amongst the steel and brick of the Liverpool Street estate.

London Public Art: Dr Salter’s Daydream, SE16

This is a set of originally three, now four sculptures that were unveiled in 1991 to commemorate the work of the medical doctor, campaigner and Labour politician, Alfred Salter.