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London’s forgotten Civil War fortifications – Walk 1

Starting the walk around modern London following the route of the lost fortifications erected during the English Civil War.

Uncovering London’s forgotten Civil War fortifications

Longer, taller, and wider than its more famous Roman ancestor, there used to be a massive wall surrounding London - and yet it vanished within a decade of being built. What happened?

Tickets Alert: London archive film screenings with live music

Discover London's past with a programme of archive films gathered from the city's outer boroughs.

A chance to help chalk the Uffington White Horse

Fancy taking a hammer and smashing a prehistoric monument -- and doing so with permission?

The day Londoners rioted against foreigners

Exactly 500 years ago today -- on the 1st May 1517, a mass riot took place protesting against foreign people living in London.

Perspectives of Destruction: London during WW2

The London Blitz beginning in 1940 has been described as the second Great Fire of London and large swathes of the city were destroyed.

A Victorian Bath House surrounded by glass and steel

Just around the corner from Liverpool Street Station, in a space surrounded by modern offices, can be found this Turkish inspired Victorian bath house.

It’s the 100th anniversary of Marylebone Tube Station

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the opening of Marylebone tube station - but last month also marked the 110th anniversary of the opening of Marylebone tube station.

See the oldest document in the City of London archives

The oldest document in the City of London, dating back to the time of William the Conqueror is currently on display in the Guildhall.

180th Anniversary of Regent’s Park’s Lost Railway Station

Buried underneath part of the Regent's Park lies one of London rail heritage's stranger stories, an entire railway terminus that once rivaled Euston station, but now is empty, abandoned, and largely forgotten.

The lost “Roman Camp” underneath Heathrow’s runway

Underneath one of Heathrow Airport's runways, the remains of a so-called Early Iron Age, British dwelling, known figuratively, if inaccurately as Caesar's Camp.

Going inside the Kilmorey Mausoleum

Hidden behind a high wall, and a small locked door can be found one of the UK's finest examples of an Egyptian-style mausoleum, and it is occasionally open to the public.

The Festival of Britain’s Message to the Moon

There are a good many photos of the Festival of Britain, but curiously, few show one of its more exciting, if flawed ideas -- a radio telescope beaming messages to the moon from the centre of London.

The Victorian supper inside a dinosaur

On 31st December 1853, a group of distinguished Victorian gentlemen celebrated the new year, by dining within the carcass of a dinosaur.

Crossrail discovers a lost river and the Grains of Paradise

A lost river, only recently rediscovered has revealed some fascinating insights into daily life in Tudor London, including the exotic Grains of Paradise.

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