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Climbing to the top of the Bridgewater Monument

In the middle of woods can be found a tall stone column, built to honour the man who built the UK's first industrial canals -- Francis Egerton, 3rd Duke of Bridgewater.

Did England’s “White Queen” die of the plague?

A document has been uncovered in the National Archives which may have solved one of history's mysteries - how did the ‘White Queen’ Elizabeth Woodville, wife of Edward IV die.

It’s the 40th anniversary of the Jubilee line opening

It opened two years late and they changed its name half-way through building it, not the Elizabeth line -- this is the 40th birthday of the Jubilee line.

You can now stand inside Trajan’s Column

Ever since it was built in 1873, there's been a tantalizing door inside the V&A Museum that normally locked, and only very occasionally opened -- but now is open all the time.

Stratford’s oldest building – the Old Dispensary

Just around the corner from the main shopping area in Stratford is an old building -- the Old Dispensary, and it's the oldest building in the town.

There’s a 155 million year old dinosaur inside Heathrow Airport

If you go down to Heathrow today, you're sure of a big surprise -- because there's a 13 metre long dinosaur in a Terminal building.

Tickets Alert: Tours of Carters heritage steam funfair

This summer there will be a chance to discover fairground art through the decades and hear the history of the vintage Carters Steam Fair.

The 250th anniversary of London’s Gin Riots

Today marks the 250th anniversary of one of London's most destructive riots, and it all started over an attempt to stop people drinking gin.

Crossness – a Victorian “Cathedral of Sewage” reopens this weekend

One of Victorian engineering's great marvels - the steam powered sewage pumping station at Crossness reopens to the public on Sunday.

Find the King’s Cross milestone

People rushing to catch trains at King's Cross are often oblivious of what they are standing next to, and right by a pedestrian crossing is an old milestone.

A display of poisons and lotions

A museum filled with medicines can be found just around the corner from the Tower of London, presumably to offer salves to those who had just lost their heads.

Shakespeare’s Globe theatre archives go online

A treasure trove of documents from the building of the modern Globe theatre to the plays put on since it opened have been put into an online archive.

Tickets Alert: Tours of Billingsgate Roman House and Baths

Hidden underneath a mundane office block can be found one of London's largest Roman remains, and it's open for tours from next month.

James Mason tours late 1960s London

With James Mason's distinctive voice, enjoy a melancholic wander around old London town, from the City to Smithfields and Southwark, digging out long alleys and dark corners.

See inside the restored King’s Observatory

This is the King's Observatory, built by King George III (well, he paid other people to do the work), with one single purpose -- to be used for a few hours one evening to look at the Sun.