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Attend the ancient Ceremony of the Keys in the Tower of London

Every night, long after the tourists have been kicked out an ancient ceremony is performed in private inside the Tower of London - the Ceremony of the Keys.

Exhibition shows off the unbuilt plans for the V&A Museum

That cathedral to art and design is itself a product of the same, and has put on an exhibition about how it came to be what it is.

A hidden industrial marvel at Canary Wharf

If you live near Canary Wharf you might regularly pass a rather modest brick building, but hidden within is a industrial delight to see.

Of College Chapels and Steam Trains

Deep within the heart of King's College on the Strand can be found a most marvelous chapel and a dinky steam train.

A curious door that goes nowhere

Wandering around as I am wont to do, I stumbled upon an old door in a wall.

See one of the City of London’s oldest democratic documents

Underneath the Guildhall in a corner that's easy to overlook is a small heritage gallery with a regularly changing display. Three glass cases, and currently three different displays.

The shattered bodies of war at the Science Museum

An exhibition at the Science Museum looks at what happens when diplomacy fails, and war shatters people, in body and mind.

Have you seen the dog memorials in the V&A?

Two small easy to overlook plaques can be found in the V&A's central garden, both memorials to much loved canines.

Climbing to the top of Windsor Castle’s Round Tower

For just a few weeks of each year, it's possible to climb to the top of the ancient Round Tower inside Windsor Castle, with views that reach right across London.

Visit the ruins of London’s Lesnes Abbey

Sitting not far from central London can be found the ruins of a large Abbey, which if it were almost anywhere else would be a major tourist attraction.

Take a tour of Coventry’s medieval architecture

It may seem oxymoronic to associate the words Coventry and Heritage in the same headline, but behind the headlines of post-war concrete there's quite a lot of the old stuff left.

Tudor Palace remains found in Greenwich

The team working on restoring the ceiling of Greenwich's painted hall, have found something in the basement -- remains of Greenwich's Tudor palace.

Photos from the abandoned Highgate station

Barely noticed by the people who use it, sitting directly above Highgate tube station is an entire abandoned railway station, now slowly being reclaimed by nature.

See a flying whale in London

A few weeks ago, the public got to see a giant flying whale arrive in the Natural History Museum.

The ghoulish history of London’s “Corporation of Corpse Stealers”

An angry Londoner once wrote "The sudden resurrection of the Dead in Southwark is become the general Subject of Conversation, and has render’d Death far more frightful and Terrible,"

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