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80th anniversary of Northwood Hills tube station

Happy Birthday to Northwood Hills tube station -- 80 years young today. If you use the station, do take time to look in the window of a local restaurant, as you might see a birthday cake in there, as one has been bought by the station staff.

Steam Trains Return to the London Underground

An early Christmas treat -- as on Sunday 8th December, for the first time since 1992 and possibly the last time ever, London Transport Museum will be running steam trains to Uxbridge along the Metropolitan line.

Rare public exhibition inside a 400-year old monastery

An exhibition has opened that can be looked as either an exhibition worth visiting to learn something, or a chance to go inside a building that has rarely been seen by the general public. Or maybe both?

700th anniversary of the ban on MPs carrying weapons into Parliament

Exactly 700 years ago, King Edward I banned the wearing of armour or the carrying of weapons into Parliament. That law still exists today, and has never been amended or modified.

The first terrorist attack on the London Underground

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the London Underground, but it also marks another rather darker anniversary -- today is 130 years since the first terrorist attack on the London Underground.

See the Zoroastrian Fire Temple in Central London

Fire, a primordial power has long held a certain fascination for mankind. Anything from its ability to heat early caves, and later homes, and then when fire was confined into gas boilers, we still decorate our homes with candles.

200th anniversary of London’s public gas supply

Two hundred years ago the first public gas supply was built in London, initially to light the streets, but also to supply some local houses.

An 1863 engraving of the London Bridge railway expansion

In 1863, the railway from Greenwich to London Bridge was extended to Charing Cross, but not without considerable disturbance to the lands it passed through.

The mysterious Cheapside Hoard goes on display at last

A historical mystery has gone on display at the Museum of London as the greatest collection of Elizabethan and and Stuart period jewellery has been laid out for the first time in a hundred years.

Another attempt to rebuild the Crystal Palace

From fiery embers, phoenix like, the Crystal Palace is to be reborn. A shining glass emporium of culture to adorn the terraces of long neglected Sydenham. Except, that isn't what is being planned.