Visiting the remains of the Rose Theatre hidden under an office block

In the year of our Lord, 1587 two gentlemen decided to build what was probably the first ever dedicated playhouse to provide entertainments to the citizens of the City of London escaping its tight morals for a night of debauchery

30th Anniversary of the Docklands Development Corporation

Today (2nd July) marks the 30th anniversary of the formation of the LDDC – formally, the London Docklands Development Corporation, the latest in a series of attempts to do something with the abandoned wasteland of the former London Docks which

How did one of Sir Christopher Wren’s Churches end up in Sth London?

In deepest South London, in a small 1960s housing estate, off a small side street, itself off another small blocked off road – standing alone and largely forgotten – is a remnant of one of Sir Christopher Wren’s magnificent post

A Charnel House at Liverpool Street Crossrail Station?

The BBC’s Tom Edwards got up close with some dead bodies yesterday as part of a news report into the discovery of a graveyard roughly where Crossrail’s Liverpool Street ticket hall will be. I jokingly commented yesterday on Twitter that

Folkestone Gardens in New Cross

Not that far from where I used to live a few years ago is one of those rather small municipal gardens that pop up from time to time in scraps of land often left over from former industrial works or

Some old almshouses behind the Tate Modern

Thanks to the ongoing works at Blackfriars Bridge, there is a diversion for people walking along the riverside that takes us around some of the side streets in the area, and if you look from side to side occasionally, you

New TV series about London’s Mudlarks

I caught the trailer on the History television channel the other day when half-listening to a show about something or other (probably Mega History Apocalypse Deadly Catch Forensics), and once my eyes and ears had stopped bleeding from the horror,

Juggernaut threat to tiny Hanway Street?

As noticed by several people this week – after planning permission was granted – an incredibly useful side-street by Tottenham Court Road is due to get revamped. Not so that pedestrians wisely using it to bypass the congestion at the

Watch a Large Ceremonial Procession Along The Mall this Sunday

I’ve mentioned this in the past, but it seems to get – in my opinion – oddly little publicity or attention considering the size of the event and the spectacle. This Sunday, for the 30somthingth year, around 500 members of

This Sunday – the 350th Anniversary of the execution of Oliver Cromwell

This Sunday marks the 350th anniversary of the execution by being hung from the neck until dead of Oliver Cromwell, the leader of the republic following the execution of King Charles I. However, he was in fact, already dead! He

City of London still paying a Dowry from a 19th century fund

Catalogued in the department marked “you learn something new every day”, I found out that there is a 19th century trust fund that each year makes a payment to three brides who are about to get married. The payment is

The origin of Ye in Ye Olde Shoppe

I’m sure most of us have seen (or used in irony) signs such as Ye Olde… to describe something as being an older version of something. While it is obvious that Ye is Old English for The, its origins in

Request tickets to watch the Garter Service

Held inside Windsor Castle later this year, the Monarch and most of the senior Royals will progress through the Castle to St George’s Chapel for the annual Garter Service. The Order of the Garter is the senior and oldest British

Beware unexpected visitors on Christmas Day

The turkey is cooking, the smell drifts around the single room you call a home for your entire family. Small sprigs of holly and ivy, rosemary and bays decorate the room. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. Afraid,

Today marks the 120th Anniversary of the Northern Line

Sort of. Technically, today (18th Dec) marks the 120th anniversary of the first passenger journeys on what was at the time known as the City and South London Railway, but is today better known as the Northern Line. Not only

Photos of the Early Printing Presses at Fleet Street

Fleet Street may have been known as the traditional heart of London’s newspapers, but in fact, many of the newspapers were situated not on Fleet Street proper, but on side streets around it. One such property was the Associated Newspapers

The underground crypt in the City of London

Lurking in a tiny side alley on  a small side street near Fleet Street in the City of London lies one of the city’s less well known bits of heritage – the remains of the Whitefriar’s Crypt. To find the

The Isle of Dogs Declares Independence from the UK

Following on from the rather dubious Mayoral election yesterday in Tower Hamlets, some people living on the Isle of Dogs (well, probably just me) might be wondering if we can be cut free from the rest of the Borough and