Skeletons found inside the Tower of London

Archeologists carrying out an excavation inside the Tower of London have uncovered the body of two skeletons, of an adult female and a young child.

Was Buckingham Palace built on the site of a gay brothel?

There is a story that does the rounds, that the site currently occupied by Buckingham Palace was once a gay brothel.

The King Edward VII Jewish Memorial Drinking Fountain

Surrounded by a market that fills the street can be found what looks like an old memorial stone, but is much more interesting than that.

London’s largest ever Bronze Age hoard discovered

The largest ever Bronze Age hoard to be discovered in London, and the third largest of its kind in the UK, has been unearthed in Havering. A total of 453 bronze objects dating between c.900 and c.800 BC have been

Silvery spiral stairs for East London’s Museum of Childhood

The V&A’s Museum of Childhood in East London has secured planning permission for a large revamp of the listed building.

HS2 triggers the final voyage for Australia explorer

The remains of an explorer discovered during the clearance preparations for HS2 at Euston is to be reburied in his home town.

Revealing a lost Elizabethan theatre in East London

A shabby old 1960s office block and car park has been recently cleared away to reveal the remains of one of London’s earliest and little known theatres that dates from Elizabethan times.

Samuel Pepys dinner plate goes on display

This is more significant than it sounds, as it’s one of only three items of silver plate known to have belonged to Pepys as part of his personal collection and is now the only one on display in the UK.

Mapped – the dragons that surround London

The ancient City of London is protected by dragons that guard the main roads into the city from perfidious invaders.

30th anniversary of the 10 Downing Street gates

It’s exactly 30 years ago that general public access to Downing Street was barred, as permission was given to build the ornate protective gates that now guard the home of the Prime Minister.

The Wallace Collection to be allowed to lend its artwork at last

For the first time in over a century, one of central London’s lesser known, but rather wonderful museums, the Wallace Collection is to be allowed to lend its collection of grand master paintings to other venues.

The lost dress of Elizabeth I – Revealed

Imagine if someone from London arrived at your most rural of rural churches and told you that bit of old fabric on the wall is worth a king’s ransom?

Find Mendelssohn’s tree stump in the Barbican

In the Barbican is a most curious relic, a stump of a tree which is it claimed, may have regularly shaded the composer Felix Mendelssohn during his frequent visits to where the tree stood.

Was the Northern line nearly named after Tutankhamun?

There is a story that crops up ever so often that during the Tutankhamun mania of the mid-1920s, the Northern line was nearly named the Tootancamden line.

Bromley Hall – the oldest brick building in London

It looks like a fairly ordinary moderately old building next to a dirty noisy main road – but this old building is older than you could ever imagine. It’s actually thought to be the oldest brick built building in London – and over 500 years old.

Find the Blackwall tunnel plaque

If you were so minded to pass by and peer over the edge, you might notice that there’s an old plaque on the wall in the modern approach roads to the Blackwall Tunnel.

See the astonishing gothic interior of David Parr house

An otherwise ordinary Victorian terrace house conceals within a Cathedral of decoration.

Day trips from London – Tilbury Fort

Today marks the anniversary of a certain Queen giving a rather famous speech to her troops in Tilbury. But why Tilbury?