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A mighty memorial to the dead of WW1 in Canary Wharf

Somewhat hidden at the moment, around the back next to a fire exit, can be found a mighty memorial to those who died during the two great wars of the last century.

Remembrance Wreaths being lain at London Transport locations today

If you travel around London today, keep an eye out for remembrance wreaths laid at key transport locations -- in memory of transport staff who died in WW1.

Queen Anne is Dead

Early this morning, 300 years ago, Queen Anne died, and set in place the events that would lead to the Georgian era of Monarchs.

This Friday — visit the Clown’s Museum in Dalston

For a good many years, once a month, the clowns come out to play, but not any more. A church they played in has turned into a school, so the clowns are in a side room.

How Charing Cross railway station was nearly demolished

Earlier this year I noted the 150th anniversary of the opening of London's Charing Cross railway station, but it came very close to being a eulogy for a long since closed station.

Find the Tyburn Stone

A macabre relic of mass murder can be found sitting, almost unnoticed in the posh entrance of a London hotel.

Enduring War: Grief, Grit and Humour

A modest but thought provoking exhibition has opened at the British Library that looks at the letters sent and propaganda printed during World War One.

Rare opening of a Roman Bathhouse in London

Hidden underneath an uninspiring City office block is one of London's most important roman ruins, and it has a rare open day tomorrow (Sunday).

Upminster Windmill gets restoration funding

One of London's surviving windmills is to be saved, following the award of a £1.4 million grant by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF).

30 years ago today – smoking banned in London’s tube trains

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the banning of smoking in London's tube trains. Not a total ban on the entire underground, just inside the trains, a decision which was to have tragic consequences just a few years later.