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The danger of ladies hatpins on the London Underground

It is almost a daily occurrence that some accident of one kind or another has to be reported through the negligent way in which ladies wear hat-pins.

Tangerine dreams with new Dinosaur at the Natural History Museum

If you're museum curator looking after dinosaur exhibits, you probably dream of acquiring a full sized Stegosaurus for your collection.

Own a macabre relic from Republican England

Fancy owning something taken from the decaying body of a dead man?

Emperor Maximilian’s triumphal arch at the British Museum

A massive triumphal arch is on display in the British Museum at the moment, but unlike the grand stone arches dotted around Imperial cities, this one is made of paper.

At just 26 days, London Underground’s shortest lived tube station

On the 1st November, 1884, a tube station changed its name, and in doing so became the shortest lived tube station to bear the name it once had.

Victorian London’s double-decked cable cars

Plans for a cable car in London are as old as Victorian inventiveness -- for example, this double-decker cable car which would have run from Monument in the City over to Hyde Park Corner.

Witches at the British Museum

As we approach Halloween, the British Museum has put on an exhibition of witches and wicked bodies as shown throughout history.

200 years ago — the London Beer Flood

200 years ago a tsunami wave roared down several streets in central London laying waste to the area and drowning a number of people. The tsunami wave was made of beer.

Wartime bunker under Eltham Palace to be restored

As part of a range of upgrades just announced for the art-deco Eltham Palace, the WW2 bunker underneath the building is to be restored to its wartime appearance.

130th anniversary of the closure of Tower of London tube station

On this day, 130 years ago, the Tower of London station on the London Underground closed. No, not the one we know today, nor that other one you are thinking of. It's in fact the original of the three that closed.