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Rare panel of a Baron turned Saint goes on display

A rare devotional panel has gone on display at the Museum of London, although it's in a small display case that is quite easy to overlook if you don't know the significance of the object.

Unbuilt London: The almost story of a loop railway under Southwark

Imagine a tube tunnel running under Southwark and the City, but carrying full size mainline trains -- and you would be imagining something that was actually proposed.

Stones from the Euston Arch return to Euston Station

For the next few weeks, you can get up close and even touch hallowed heritage as some of the stones from the Euston Arch return to the scene of their demise.

Wembley’s experimental “never stop” railway line

For a couple of years, Wembley saw an experimental railway running that never stopped. Well, it probably stopped at night time, but during the daylight hours, the trains never stopped, not once.

Find London’s smallest public sculpture

High up a building in the City of London, two mice are locked in immortal battle over a lump of cheese, neither side seemingly willing to give up the battle until the stones around them crumble to dust.

Museum of London seeking a new home

The Museum of London has announced plans to move from its current London Wall site to a new venue, just down the road -- in Smithfield.

Crossrail holding talks about Bedlam excavations

Starting this week, Crossrail is hosting a weekly briefing on its archeology dig at Liverpool Street which aims to recover some 3,000 remains from the Bedlam burial site.

Crossrail to move 3,000 plague victims

In order to build the new Crossrail station at Liverpool Street, some 3,000 skeletons from the Bedlam burial ground have to be removed, and the removal process has just started.

Unbuilt London: A travolator on top of London Bridge

When London Bridge was being shipped off the to USA, one of the ideas mooted for its modern replacement was a high level, covered travolator to help speed pedestrians from the railway station to the City.

200 year old satires about Napoleon Bonaparte on display

If you think modern political satires are cruel at times, take a journey back 200 years for the crass display of bodily functions as satire was not just normal, but applauded when applied to the enemy.