Dare you go into gloomy Sailortown?

Narrow dark streets, dim corners, strange men from the far ends of the world, shops selling exotica, bedrooms offering erotica. Welcome to Sailortown,

Happy New Year!

Yes, today is, or at least should be New Years Day. The start of the year, a holiday, a hangover, and a lot of closed shops — for a period lasting around 600 years, today was New Years Day.

30th anniversary of London’s pirate TV channel – NeTWork21

Thirty years ago, London gained a new television channel — for just 30 minutes every Friday and on air for less than a year — this was NeTWork21.

Derelict Victorian tunnel to reopen to the public

A sealed-off Victorian tunnel under a road in Crystal Palace is set to reopen to the public after the trust fund looking after it reached its fundraising target.

Rare example of early Roman Christianity found in Brentford

Just in time for Easter, volunteers at the Museum of London’s Archaeological Archive have unearthed a rare example of Christian symbolism from Roman Britain.

Ticket Alert: Visit a Roman Bathhouse

Under an otherwise unremarkable office block in the City can be found one of London’s largest visible Roman ruins. Visible very rarely though, as it’s behind locked doors.

London Stone to move to the Museum of London

The venerable London Stone, of historic and mysterious antiquity, totemic protector of the City, and current resident of a branch of WH Smiths is to be moved to the Museum of London.

New gallery opening at the Docklands Museum

A rare survivor of London’s historic docks will be celebrated by a new gallery opening at the Museum of London Docklands in a couple of weeks time — the first part of a redevelopment of the Museum’s galleries.

A host of Shakespearean talks and walks announced

As archaeologists from the MOLA prepare to begin the excavation of the Curtain Theatre, a series of events, lectures and walking tours for members of the public has been announced.

See a slice of Imperial History in the strong box of Empire

One of the great buildings of the Victorian Empire can be found just off Holborn, hidden behind an imposing gatehouse and hardly seen by the public.

Chance to climb to the top of the Cally Park Clock Tower

Next weekend sees an occasional opening of the Caledonian Park Clock Tower and a chance to climb the narrow steps to the very top for amazing views across North London.

Did Leonardo da Vinci invent the Tunnel Boring Machine?

The quick answer is no — not as we know them today — but the longer answer is sort of, maybe.

Admire the old map next to Liverpool St Station

Wandering around Liverpool Street Station, and a small dark alley contains an unexpected gem — an old map of London.

The longest surviving Vrindavani Vastra goes on display

A vast 17th century cloth from India has gone on display in the British Museum, filling an entire wall of the gallery.

Roman Fresco Discovered next to Leadenhall Market

A huge and ornate fresco that probably adorned the residence of a wealthy Roman citizen has been discovered by archaeologists next to Leadenhall Market in the City of London.

Crocodile God revealed at the British Museum

In ancient temples did crocodiles dwell, worshiped and admired, until mighty Egypt fell.

The Great Flood of London in 1524

On this day, 492 years ago, the center of London was abandoned as some 20,000 people fled the arrival of a massive tidal wave that was to devastate the centre of the city.

Save the Last Remaining British Rail Hovercraft from Destruction

As developers move in with bulldozers, the Hovercraft Museum Trust is this evening fighting desperately to save one of the two remaining cross channel SRN4 hovercraft from destruction.