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Pay a visit to Avebury Stone circle

There's a part of England's green and pleasant land that's rich in ancient stone works, and at one place, you can find a pub inside a giant stone circle.

Exhibition – 450th anniversary of the Tylers and Bricklayers

This year marks the 450th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth I granted a monopoly to the Worshipful Company of Tylers and Bricklayers to control the market in London.

Kew Garden’s remarkable concrete bridge

It doesn't look like much, but the train station at Kew Gardens has a remarkable survivor of early reinforced concrete -- and most people have no idea that the shabby looking footbridge is it.

The dragons have returned to Kew’s Great Pagoda

Famous for its long since removed dragons, the Great Pagoda in Kew has rarely been open to the public. Until now. And the dragons are back.

A thatched roof for a megalithic stone

Had I just seen a rather posh looking bus shelter with a pile of rubbish in the middle, or something actually interesting? We were near Avebury, in the land of random lumps of stone, so it was plausible, but then again, to considerable embarrassment, it could be nothing.

The ancient tradition of cleaning the Uffington Horse

For thousands of years, people have come to Uffington to clean a prehistoric white horse carved into the landscape. And this weekend, the ancient tradition was performed once again.

Women in Parliament – an exhibition inside Parliament

A grand medieval hall that has seen the greatest of state occasions, an exhibition, about the gradual admittance of women to Parliament.

Oliver Cromwell’s funeral banner goes on sale

One of only four surviving banners that formed part of the Royal Regalia used at the funeral of Oliver Cromwell in November 1658, is to be put up for sale next week.

This Tudor London map overlay is marvelous

A map of London, as it was during the era of the Tudor monarchs, give or take a few decades has been released by Layers of London.

50th anniversary of Oxford Street’s Protein Man

Less Lust, by Less Protein. 50 years ago, a man started walking around with a simple sign exhorting people to avoid protein as it leads to lust.

Tooting Common’s Jurassic era fossil tree to get a restoration

The petrified remains of a 145 million year old "fossil tree" on Tooting Common is to get some tender loving care with the council carrying out a restoration.

The year football was banned in London

In 1314, Nicholas de Farndone, the Mayor of London, acting on behalf of King Edward II, banned the "striking of great footballs" in the City of London.

Two 19th century pumps in the countryside

It would be impressive to be out in the middle of the countryside and find one 19th century water pump, but two within a mile of each other is exceptional.

Japanese prints of London in 1866… are very Japanese

What happens when you're a Japan based woodblock printer who wants to sell prints of London, but have never visited the city? London ends up looking like Japan.

Queen Anne’s Summerhouse – a 300 year old folly you can sleep in

Hidden away in a private wood is a 300 year old folly, Queen Anne's Summerhouse. Queen Anne never visited it, but you can.