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One Hundred Years of Nursing – An Exhibition

There can't be many trade unions that have a Royal Seal of Approval, but one was founded a hundred years ago, and while it plays down the term, many of its early founders thought of the Royal College of Nursing as just that -- a trades union.

Museum of London restores 17th-century fire engine for exhibition

It may not look like much, but an old barrel and a pump are in fact the remains of a nearly 350 year old fire engine, and they have now been restored ahead of an exhibition about the Great Fire of London.

Builders discover the original “spend a penny” toilet

The remains of a 165-year-old toilet from the Great Exhibition which helped coin the phrase 'spend a penny' have been uncovered in London's Hyde Park.

The curious tale of Hammersmith’s abandoned railway viaduct

If you've ever noticed an odd disused railway bridge just to the west of Hammersmith station, it's a curious legacy of a railway line that closed down exactly 100 years ago,

Oldest reference to Roman London found in new tube station entrance

A number of Roman tablets found while excavating a new tube station entrance have been shown to contain the oldest known reference to the city of London, as well as a wealth of information about the Roman occupation of the city.

The year without a summer

When looking outside today it might be easy to joke that we are living in a year without a summer, but 200 years ago there quite literally was a year without a summer.

The WW2 fortification in a Nth London park

If you were talking a wander through a nature reserve in North London one day, you might notice a rather shabby looking concrete hut peeking out of the bushes.

Historic London Bus Heads to France for Somme Anniversary

A one-hundred year old London bus will be heading to France later this month, to commemorate the centenary of the Battle of the Somme.

Visiting Michael Faraday’s old laboratory

There is a street with lots of posh buildings, and doormen forbidding entry to the great masses, and an equally grand building with mighty pillars along an imposing facade, which conceals a museum.

The lost library of the Tudor Magician Dr John Dee

One of Tudor England's most extraordinary and enigmatic figures is the topic of this exhibition at the Royal College of Physicians.

Dare you go into gloomy Sailortown?

Narrow dark streets, dim corners, strange men from the far ends of the world, shops selling exotica, bedrooms offering erotica. Welcome to Sailortown,

Happy New Year!

Yes, today is, or at least should be New Years Day. The start of the year, a holiday, a hangover, and a lot of closed shops -- for a period lasting around 600 years, today was New Years Day.

30th anniversary of London’s pirate TV channel – NeTWork21

Thirty years ago, London gained a new television channel -- for just 30 minutes every Friday and on air for less than a year -- this was NeTWork21.

Derelict Victorian tunnel to reopen to the public

A sealed-off Victorian tunnel under a road in Crystal Palace is set to reopen to the public after the trust fund looking after it reached its fundraising target.

Rare example of early Roman Christianity found in Brentford

Just in time for Easter, volunteers at the Museum of London's Archaeological Archive have unearthed a rare example of Christian symbolism from Roman Britain.

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