Make your own cut out models of old computers

Here’s something for person’s of a certain age to geek out about – models of 1980s computers.

Lecture videos to watch from home

With many of us being discouraged from going out, why not catch up on all those interesting lectures you missed in the past?

The Science Museum’s “tube map” of the Solar System

Spotted this in the Science Museum the other day – a range of goods for sale with a map of the Solar System which will look very familiar to London Underground fans.

The London Underground in LEGO?

Fancy assembling a tube station from LEGO bricks? If yes, then there may be a chance to do so if this proposal gets the go ahead.

New map shows tunnel boring machines under the Thames

As a series of tunnel boring machines drill a huge sewer underneath the River Thames, a map shows their live(ish) progress.

20 geeky Christmas gifts for Londoners

Decorations are starting to go up, pubs are advertising xmas lunches, and someone in the office is wearing a garish jumper, so here’s a selection of 20 gifts that would look exceptionally good in my, I mean, your living room.

Have you seen the Open Infrastructure Map?

Prepare to lose a lot of time just idly zooming around a map that shows major power cables and facilities not just in the UK, but world wide.

The story behind the Earl’s Court TARDIS

Sitting outside Earl’s Court tube station is a blue police box — a TARDIS — the first to be introduced to London since 1969, and it was built by London Underground.

Help colour in London’s buildings

A new app and website have been launched and is encouraging people to record details of all the buildings around them.

The year a London Underground train appeared in a ZX Spectrum

Back in the heady days of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, one game stood out — because it featured a London Underground tube train.

A celebration of chemistry in South Kensington

To celebrate 150 years of the Periodic Table of the Elements in 2019, there is to be a celebration of chemistry starting next month.

50th Anniversary of Quatermass and the Pit

One for both horror film fans and tube geeks – as next month marks the 50th anniversary of Martians being discovered in a London tube station.

Plans to use heat from tube tunnels to warm homes

An experiment is under way that will soon see heat from tube train tunnels being used to heat homes and businesses around parts of Islington.

Tickets Alert: Vintage computer games return to the Science Museum

Last year, a vast room was filled with digital explosions and 8-bit graphics to the delight of many, and it’s returning again next month.

A tube map for the Milky Way

A variant of the tube map has been created that shows every constellation in the night sky as a train station on a map of truly galactic proportions.

A room full of BBC Microcomputers comes to East London

For people of a certain age, there are few more nostalgia boosting views than a room full of flat beige boxes, each with a small dot matrix owl on the top corner.

Big upgrade for City of London’s Wi-Fi and mobile coverage

Proposals to expand free Wi-Fi and improve mobile coverage across the Square Mile have been given the green light.

A festival of vintage computer games at the Science Museum

A long cavernous space within the Science Museum has been filled with over 160 retro computer games, from the earliest Pong to fairly recent 3D virtual reality headsets.