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Coventry’s Transport Museums – The Electric Railway Museum

It’s not easy to find, not easy to get to, and about to close down, so you should hurry to one of the best collections of electric railway trains in the UK.

A pillared hall full of glittering stones

In an era of ever more flashy museum displays, step back into an older world, of wooden cases and typewritten signs, to a place where misshapen lumps of stone are the glories to admire.

Tim Peake’s spacecraft at the Science Museum

After hurtling through the atmosphere, its outer skin burnt and charred by superheated plasma, a spacecraft has arrived at the Science Museum.

Poisonous new exhibition opening soon

A new exhibition will be opening this autumn focusing on that rather curious ability of animals to kill – using poison.

See a 3D model of Bond Street tube station

As an example of how TfL uses data analysis to plan future tube station upgrades, a 3D scale model of Bond Street tube station has been loaned to the Science Museum.

See the Tudor monarch’s Blood Royal in this exhibition

There a small, but interesting exhibition at the moment that puts on display a range of Tudor era paintings, books and royal documents.

A library hosts an exhibition about Stationers

For around 500 years, a worshipful company controlled the printing industry within the City of London, and an exhibition has opened showing off some of their heritage.

A dystopian delight of Sci-Fi on display at the Barbican

A vast display of science fiction memorabilia is filling an inky black space within the brutalist heart of the Barbican at the moment.

History of Europe – Told by its Theatres at the V&A

Much like the early days of travelling players, there’s a traveling exhibition about the history of the theatre, and its currently in London.

Data geekery reveals the hidden life of cities

The Museum of London has opened a new exhibition looking less at historic object than at a period of human migration – the rise of the city and how the information age is changing the cities of the future.

Love, law and liberty – Gay literary lives at the British Library

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality between men, and the British Library is taking a look at the literary side of gay love.

Electricity gives the Wellcome Collection a Spark of Life

You’ve probably seen the black and white photo of a woman in futuristic hair-curlers promoting the Wellcome Collection’s exhibition about electricity, but its more than hair tongs and kettles that’s on display.

Extraordinary WW1 exhibition at the Guildhall Art Gallery

A curiously powerful and moving collection of art created by school children, but inspired by memories of WW1, with a Flanders trench like pathway to navigate.

A smarter city with not so smart ideas on display

A display of rather offbeat ideas to help improve the public realm in the eastern side of the City of London has opened near the Guildhall.

Where’s the largest mirror’d pavilion in the Dulwich Village?

A cluster of mirrors and chain mail has arrived in the garden outside the Dulwich Picture Gallery, in the venue’s first ever events pavilion.

Three new posters to appear on the London Underground

The annual exhibition of new posters by today’s illustrators has opened and you’ll be seeing three of them in tube stations shortly.

See Tunnel Engineering on Display in Westminster

A short walk from Big Ben is a large exhibition about the tunnels under London, and — much more importantly — a working tunnel boring machine, made from Lego.

Reflecting on the Russian Revolution at the British Library

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Russian revolution of 1917, and the British Library has taken the opportunity to look at how it affected people far from the palaces and centres of power.