Exhibition Review

A field of glowing roses comes to London

This weekend, a field of glowing roses will come to central London, and it’s a charity fund raiser for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity

Henry VIII’s “Field of Cloth of Gold” coming to Hampton Court Palace

Next year marks the 500th anniversary of one of the more important, and visually impressive diplomatic missions between the British and French monarchies, the Field of Cloth of Gold.

Exhibition Review: Tutankhamun comes to London

The Saatchi gallery, founded by the masters of spin has secured the big prize in blockbuster exhibitions with the master of bling paying his last visit to London.

Exhibition Review: Notgeld and the farting coppersmith

In the British Museum at the moment is an exhibition about a period of German history that’s both well known, and hardly known at all – the hyperinflation of the world war periods.

London’s Science City at the Science Museum

There’s a new gallery at the Science Museum that shows off an awful lot of wood, brass and books.

Sink into Victorian nostalgia at Pollock’s Toy Museum

Hidden away in a warren of side streets, two old creaky buildings are home to one of the delights of London, a curiously old fashioned toy museum.

The British Empire and animal collecting

A new exhibition at the Grant Museum takes a look at how the attitudes of the British Empire affected the collections of natural wildlife that were brought back to the UK.

See photos of abandoned engineering

For a few days only, there will be an exhibition of photos showing some of the more spectacular examples of abandoned engineering from around the world.

Discover a disused London Underground station in Covent Garden

As you step through the familiar terracotta frontage of an old tube station it’s difficult to believe you’re two floors above ground, and not deep under it.

Eternal graffiti: A poetry exhibition at the Maughan

If you love poetry, there’s an exhibition to visit. If you don’t love poetry but do love old buildings, there’s an exhibition to visit.

I went to the Clink Prison Museum so you don’t have to

The headline is what you expect me to say about this notorious tourist trap, but actually, DO go to the Clink Prison Museum, for its reputation is ill-deserved.

Monty Python’s Flying Exhibition hits the Southbank

In this it’s 50th year, there’s an exhibition about Monty Python at the BFI Southbank as part of their series of film screenings.

Exhibition about Islington’s lost Music Halls

There’s a rather fun exhibition on at the moment about the pre-television era of mass entertainment, the music halls and the people who they turned into later television stars.

Stolen Moments – Namibian music history untold (1950-80s)

There’s an exhibition on for a few weeks that’s surprisingly exciting to visit – about the lost pop music revival of Namibia.

Pay a visit to St Bartholomew’s Hospital Museum

Easy to walk past without noticing, but under the old gatehouse to Barts Hospital is a museum to its 900 odd years of history.

Visit Greenwich’s Painted Hall

Apart from the park, the observatory and the “replica” sailing ship, Greenwich is home to one of the grandest painted halls in the world.

Visit the Freemason’s Museum

For a building that looks imposing and full of secrets, Freemason’s Hall is actually open to the public, and free to go in.

A lunar exhibition of moon rocks and art in Greenwich

On this anniversary year of the moon landings, one of the many exhibitions that are opening is in London, and looks not just at the moon landing, but at the moon entire.