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300th anniversary Grinling Gibbons exhibition coming to London

This August marks the 300th anniversary of the death of one of the UK’s best skilled, and certainly best known carvers – Grinling Gibbons.

A marine exhibition shows the side of the sea rarely seen

An exhibition has opened of photography of marine life, but it’s not the expected photos of fishes and corals and nature — but of humanity at work at sea. Raw industry and machines, and the humans who work them.

See “Fantastic Beasts” inside the Natural History Museum

The Harry Potter world has come to a building that wouldn’t look out of place in one of the books or movies, as an exhibition opens that combines the fantasy land with the real world.

Landscape photography exhibition at London Bridge station

An annual exhibition of award-winning landscape photography opened recently inside London Bridge station.

Architecture for Dogs – an exhibition

What would happen if that scruffy bean bag in the corner your dog is slobbering over was replaced with specially designed architecture?

Exhibition – London Transport at War

How London managed to keep its public transport networks running during wartime is the topic of a new permanent exhibition at the London Transport Museum.

The Covid Letters that say Boris is a Poo

What would happen if lots of children decorated an official government letter and sent them to an artist? An exhibition of subversive thoughts is what — and that’s opened at the Foundling Museum in Bloomsbury.

The forgotten story of Chinese aid for the British in WW1

One of the rarely told stories of WW1, how over 140,000 Chinese travelled to Europe to support the Allied forces is the subject of a fascinating exhibition at the Brunei Gallery in central London.

Take in an arctic adventure at the British Museum

An exhibition about the Arctic that opens with a warning that the lands you are about to visit are rapidly vanishing might sound like it’s going to be a bit of a downer, but this exhibition is really quite uplifting.

Open Air exhibition – Faiths in the City

A selection of large photographs has gone on display showing off the many varied faiths within the City of London.

Michael Clark’s dance retrospective at the Barbican

One of those people who rather exploded into the cultural scene in the 1980s, vanished in the 90s and has now embedded as an icon of dance has filled the huge art gallery space at the Barbican.

Matt Smith’s medley of art in a city office lobby

Faceless figures, malformed pottery and a deep message of politics and human rights are currently filling an office foyer in the city.

Museum of London celebrates dub music

A new exhibition, Dub London celebrates dub reggae music and culture in the capital, from its roots in Jamaican reggae to how it has shaped communities and culture over the last 50 years.

Toyin Ojih Odutola: A Countervailing Theory

A decade ago, mysterious drawings were uncovered on black shale sheets in Nigeria, and after studying them, life-size scans have gone on display in the Barbican.

Tantra at the British Museum is more death than sex

Tantra, that sex thing that people talk about, Indian isn’t it? And Sting, and 1960s flower power. And decapitations, death, skulls, covering yourself in human ashes.

The mystery and wonder of the Havering Hoard

Finishing up for the day at a small dig site on a Friday afternoon in the summer of 2018 a young archaeologist spotted something — and in doing so cancelled any weekend plans his colleagues had arranged.

Out of the Blue: Fifty Years of Designers Guild

An exhibition has been extended at the Fashion and Textile Museum, offering an insight into a London based design company, the Designers Guild.

From Kraftwerk to The Chemical Brothers – A hymn to electronic music

It’s a sign of our strange times, that the best nightclub experience at the moment can be found in a museum in posh Kensington.