Exhibition Review

Tantra at the British Museum is more death than sex

Tantra, that sex thing that people talk about, Indian isn’t it? And Sting, and 1960s flower power. And decapitations, death, skulls, covering yourself in human ashes.

The mystery and wonder of the Havering Hoard

Finishing up for the day at a small dig site on a Friday afternoon in the summer of 2018 a young archaeologist spotted something — and in doing so cancelled any weekend plans his colleagues had arranged.

Out of the Blue: Fifty Years of Designers Guild

An exhibition has been extended at the Fashion and Textile Museum, offering an insight into a London based design company, the Designers Guild.

A hymn to electronic music at the Design Museum

It’s a sign of our strange times, that the best nightclub experience at the moment can be found in a museum in posh Kensington.

Step inside Derek Jarman’s Prospect Cottage

A desolate windswept cottage has been transported to central London – minus the wind and desolation and now offers a rare chance to step inside Derek Jarman’s famously rural home.

Review: Masculinities at the Barbican

If as a famous book once claimed, Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, is masculinity from the Barbican?

See Charles Dickens in technicolour

One of the curiosities about Charles Dickens is how familiar we are with the image of the elderly bearded classically Victorian man we are. No other author of the time is as instantly recognisable.

Three rooms of mushrooms reopens at Somerset House

Fungi, mushrooms, aids to food, lucid visions and artists – and now an exhibition at Somerset House.

Kensington’s big three museums announce their reopening dates

The big three – the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, and the V&A Museum have all announced the dates they will reopen following the lockdown.

Charles Dickens Museum reopens with a new exhibition

The museum inside Charles Dickens London home is reopening after its virus lockdown, with a new exhibition that will include eight newly colourised portraits.

Museum of London’s pandemic exhibition goes online

A couple of years ago, a prophetic exhibition about pandemics was held at the Museum of London, and now they’ve put it online.

Tutankhamun exhibition goes (slightly) online

As the “last chance to see” Tutankhamun exhibition in London has closed to the public, they’ve released a video of it for those who missed out.

Florence Nightingale’s 200th birthday in 200 objects

Museums can’t afford to ignore anniversaries, so in this the 200th anniversary of the Lady with the Lamp’s birth, the Florence Nightingale Museum has assembled 200 objects that signify her life and legacy.

Lightboxes and Lettering: The importance of East London’s print industry

An exhibition that charts and celebrates the history of printing from the hand laid out letter presses to the modern computer aided design.

The V&A looks at the story of the swimming pool

A corridor in the V&A museum has been filled with photos and drawings from the golden age of lidos and swimming pools.

Childhood in Dickensian London at the Senate House Library

With this year marking the 150th anniversary of Charles Dicken’s death, an exhibition is looking at the sort of childhood the average person could have expected when he was a child.

See Tangerine Dream at the Barbican

The Barbican’s music library is currently home to an exhibition about the pioneering German electronic music group, Tangerine Dream.

The history of executing people to open in the autumn

Just in time for Halloween, an exhibition will be opening later this year all about how people were killed by the state.