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Ticket alert: Sit in a tube train drivers cab

Ever fancied getting into the train driver's seat and seeing things from a new perspective?

Tours of the 400-year old Canonbury Tower to resume

After a bit of a hiatus, tours of the roughly 400-year old Canonbury Tower are to resume.

A long walk to Kent’s private Tudor mansion

Sitting in the middle of the Kent countryside sits a huge Tudor mansion, and for just a few hours, and on a few days, it's open to the public to go inside.

Behind the scenes at the City of London

Whenever the City of London puts on its pomp and ceremony, off stage, frantic preparations are taking place, and now some of those preparations have been revealed.

Glass and tapestry from the Worshipful Company of Glaziers

If you have a collection of glass cases to put objects in, then it makes sense if those objects are occasionally supplied by glass workers.

See a slice of Imperial History in the strong box of Empire

One of the great buildings of the Victorian Empire can be found just off Holborn, hidden behind an imposing gatehouse and hardly seen by the public.

Watch a 3D video projection at Guildhall

A voice reading out Shakespearean quotations while a modern video projection plays on a medieval building that Shakespeare would have known -- a perfect London event.

Ancient Egypt arrives at a rarely opened Victorian mansion

A building that is closed to the public for most of the year has opened its doors for a few months, to put on a display that is almost overshadowed by the opulence of the building itself.

See Baker Street’s gloomy subway transformed

A once dingy subway just outside Baker Street Station has been transformed into fairyland tunnel of historical delights.

That Magnificent Leonardo and his Amazing Machines

An exhibition of dual historical significance has come to the Science Museum, as huge models of Leonardo da Vinci's wonderous imagination go on display.

British Museum’s Buried Treasure goes on display

A small side room in the British Museum is currently hosting a rare collection of buried treasure -- a display of buried hoards.

Wellcome to your unconscious mind

Deep in the dead of night, science, religion and art come together and dance a merry jig in the minds of sleeping Londoners.

A feast of gold at the British Museum

In 1898, one of Britain's richest men died, and part of his legacy, a vast confection of antiquities was donated to the British Museum, which has now put them on display in a dedicated space.

The past and future of London’s roads on display

If you look at any map of a city, the dominating feature isn't the buildings, but the roads. It is their lines snaking around the city that mark out its regions and create the familiar boundaries we use to navigate.

Tattoo exhibition at the Museum of London

From royal hobby, through anarchism and violence, and now hipster cool, tattooing has had a rather curious history