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Photos from the tunnels under Reigate

Nearly 1000 years ago, a Norman baron dug a tunnel under his castle to improve his security, and for the next 800 years, the local residents did much the same thing under their back gardens, for their prosperity.

Ticket Alert: Croydon Heritage Festival – Trams and Concrete

No sniggering back there, yes Croydon does have heritage, quite a lot of it in fact, and some of the hidden bits will be shown off next month.

The lost library of the Tudor Magician Dr John Dee

One of Tudor England's most extraordinary and enigmatic figures is the topic of this exhibition at the Royal College of Physicians.

Scale model of Docklands at its Industrial Height

In a dark corner of a museum can be found a large scale model of London's docks when they were a maze of warehouses and light railways.

Climbing the Dome of St Paul’s Cathedral

550 steps up, and back down again, and a chance to see a part of St Paul's Cathedral not usually seen by visitors.

Places to watch the Transit of Mercury from London

On Monday May 9th 2016 the planet Mercury will make a relatively rare transit between the earth and the sun, appearing as a small black dot passing across the surface.

Dr Who exhibition in central London

For a couple of weeks, there's a small exhibition of book cover art work related to the Dr Who books, which have been re-released by their publisher.

Flotilla of hot air balloons to drift over London

If you wake up early on a particular Sunday morning, you will see the dragon crest of the Lord Mayor of London lead a huge flotilla of hot air balloons over the city.

First ever chance to climb St Paul’s Cathedral dome on Sundays

Ordinarily, St Paul's Cathedral is not open to tourists on Sundays, but next month, the dome will be opened up for dome-only climbs.

Another Shakespearean Display – of Film Props

Shakespeare wrote for the theatre, and most of us still think of the plays as something to be seen live on a stage, but they also appear on another stage -- the soundstage of a film set.

Large helicopter formation over London

Look to the skies today (19th April 2016) as a large helicopter formation is expected over London this afternoon.

Bagpuss, Clangers and a Steam Train

There is a small corner of a museum for children that is currently filled with excited adults screaming and sighing in delight, as Bagpuss, the Clangers, Ivor the Engine, et al have arrived.

Ticket Alert: Behind the scenes tours of building sites

The semi-annual Open Doors event is back after a slightly longer than usual gap, offering a peek behind the hoardings that cover up building sites.

Red Arrows to perform flypast at Pride in London

The Red Arrows will fly over Pride in London for the first time at this year's parade.

Ticket Alert: Recite Shakespearean Quotations in the Guildhall

A stage will be set up in Guildhall Art Gallery's Basinghall Suite with a lectern and a free standing microphone to enable people to read, recite or perform their piece.