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Visiting the “Battle of Britain” Underground Bunker

Another in the occasional series on gaining access to places which are not conventionally open to the public.

Small improvement to the Events Guide

If you are a user of the events guide (you are aren’t you?) then you may hopefully be happy with a small change I have made. The main listings page will now indicate if the event is free of charge

The Bubble with David Mitchell

Went along last night to see a recording of a pilot for a new TV quiz, which looks promising. The premise is that 3 celebs are locked in a house – hence the show being called The Bubble – for

The Ig Nobel Awards – Coming to London

Just a heads up for an event occurring in March, for which you need to book tickets now(ish). The Ig Nobel awards – given to genuine scientific research which tends to baffle and lead to joky headlines in the tabloid

The Trial of the Pyx

Earlier today, I had the huge pleasure of attending the Trial of the Pyx in the sumptuous surroundings of the Goldsmith Hall just by St Paul’s Cathedral. The trial occurs on the second Tuesday in February every single year –

Watching the A1 Tornado Steam Train arrive at King’s Cross

Update: The train will be returning to London on the 15th Sept – details here. — Today I wandered over to Kings Cross to watch the A1 Tornado steam train make its inaugural commercial trip – and into London. Got

The A1 Tornado Steam Train Arrives in London

Just a heads up that the A1 Tornado, the first steam train to be built in the UK for nearly 50 years will be making its first commercial passenger trip tomorrow (Sat 7th Feb), and will be expected at Kings

Watching the Ceremony of the Keys

Another in my periodic series on how to get into places which are not obviously open to the public. This time, I am talking about a venue which is very open to the public, being a major tourist attraction –

A walk through the (closed) Monsal Trail tunnels

Following a load of publicity after a recent BBC series of country walks along disused railways, there will be two opportunities to walk the Monsal Trail in the Peak District – and go though the normally closed tunnels which the

The Horrid Murder of His Majestie, King Charles I

This morning, roughly 500 members of the King’s Army of the English Civil War Society marched through Whitehall – in the footsteps of King Charles I in commemoration of ‘His Majestie’s Horrid Murder’ at the hands of the Parliament in

Drinking Tea: Talking about Tea

Off to the Linnaean Society last night for a cup of tea - and a talk about tea, in their plush Piccadilly home. The talk was being given by John Griffiths FLS, who coincidentally has written a book on the subject.

Bored at work?

One of the RSS feeds I keep an eye on is the Zoological Society of London – which is the posh name for London Zoo (and Whipsnade), mainly for keeping an eye on any events they might be having. They

First Day of the Woolwich DLR

Today was the completion of a DLR extension project which had taken the light railway down towards City Airport – and after a short hiatus for tunneling work – under the River Thames to Woolwich town centre. I had planned

President Elect Obama at Madame Tussauds

A firm which is never shy of blatent publicity stunts, Madame Tussauds has decided that Americans can get free entry into its waxworks on the day the new US President is inaugurated into the Presidency. They have already got a

Post Offices and Peter Mandelson

Last night I attended a speech by Business Secretary Lord Mandelson who outlined a new policy of boosting the UK economy though revamping how the government works and try to assist businesses to function in the current economic climate. Most