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The Knollys Rose Ceremony

When planning a new building, or significant alteration to one, a person is generally required to get planning permission from the local authority or face fines, or even the demolition of your works. That rule holds true no matter how

Visiting the London Fire Brigade Museum

Earlier this afternoon, I wandered over to Southwark for a genuinely rare treat – a general open day at the London Fire Brigade Museum. By coincidence, just as I arrived, I spied Caroline of Caroline’s Miscellany coming out, so it

The Chap Olympiad 2009

Spiffing news Jeeves, for those fine gentlemen over at The Chap have announced the date for the The Chap Olympiad of 2009. Unlike the more athletic antics likely to occur in a few years time just up the road in

Request tickets for Armed Forces Day

Just a heads up for one of those events you need to book tickets for sharpish. On June 27th, a day of events will happen at the Chatham Dockyard as part of the national Armed Forces Day – which will

The Story of London

Next month (June) will be filled with a vast array of events all around the city focusing largely on the history of the city and the lives of people who have lived here. The website with all the events has

Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling

Although not “in London”, but because I thought it might appeal to some of you, I added an event in Gloucestershire that occurred on Monday to my events guide – the Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling. I didn’t go myself (I work

Watching Brain Surgery – Live

The TV channel that lobotomises half the population with its Big Brother show also managed to redeem itself this week by broadcasting a series of live surgery events from the Wellcome Collection in central London. Last night I was there

The cartoons of Maggie Thatcher

Wandered along to the Cartoon Museum, which is conveniently close to the much larger British Museum. Like a fusion of the memes though, the Cartoon Museum focuses on British cartoons, going right back to the 18th century. © The Cartoon

A tour of the London 2012 Olympics Site

Today marks the one year anniversary of the start of construction at the 2012 Olympic site, and various illustrious celebrities and notable persons will be donning hard hats and high-viz jackets to pose for the media. Yesterday, a bunch of

You are Blacklisted!

I recently signed up to a newsletter offered by a venue in London to keep abreast of their events lest any of them would be worth adding to my listings guide. Alas, they were one of those organisations who seem

Get a tour on the latest Royal Navy warship

If you are envious of the recent tour of HMS Illustrious I wrote about, you might be interested to learn that it has just been announced that, as part of a weekend of Navy events,  tours of HMS Daring will

Watch Heart Surgery – Live

…or even Brain Surgery. Just over a year ago, I attended an absolutely amazing event at the Welcome Trust in central London where they showed open heart heart surgery being carried out live at a hospital theatre (broadcast by satellite

On board HMS Illustrious: Part 2

The second report on my tour of HMS Illustrious, this time with more words and fewer pictures. I was joined by four other fellow London Bloggers, and after meeting up and trying to watch the helicopter demonstration that was happening

On board HMS Illustrious: Part 1

Thanks to an awesome invitation from the Royal Navy, I had the pleasure of of an hour on board HMS Illustrious this afternoon. I’ll do a proper write-up tomorrow as I am quite tired this evening – but if you

Vintage Posters from the Golden Age of Transport

I am a bit of a fan of the slightly rose-tinted memory of the so-called “golden age of transport”, and the posters that it inspired – although far too poor to be able to afford to collect them, alas. Like